Punjab Claims Solar Power Capacity at 1500 MW. Is that correct?

The Indian state of Punjab claims to have increased its solar power capacity stupendously over the past few years.

From just 9 MW in 2012, the state claims that the solar installed capacity has increased to 1500 MW, 170-fold growth!

Interestingly, the state has just 2% of total land area of India, but if its claims are correct, it would be having about 30% of the country’s total solar capacity.

Solar Mango however doubts the claims. Most estimates put the state’s total installed capacity of solar power plants around 300 MW. (From the data I was able to source for the last few months, I would put the total installed capacity in the state to be in the 250-300 MW range).

We will be keen to know the source of the 1500 MW figure.

Of course, even a 250 MW is not a bad number at all, it still is a 25-fold increase. And given that the Punjab state government is coming up with a number of solar schemes, including the solar power for Punjab farmers’ scheme, the day might not be long when Punjab indeed has 1500 MW of installed capacity. Here’s to that from Solar Mango!

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