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Well, firstly, as we at Solar Mango have mentioned at many times and places, going for a high quality solar module even if it costs 10-20% higher than an average quality module, makes eminent sense, so do not look at price as the first criterion while you start looking to purchase solar panels.

However, that does not mean you cannot bargain!

What are some ways you can get a good bargain on the solar panels you purchase, either as a developer/rooftop owner or as a small installer?

Firstly, make sure that you are getting the solar panel you are looking for, by ensuring that all the points in your quality checklist are met.

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Once you are sure that you are getting a good quality panel, do the following to see if you can get better prices

  1. Try it with some of their large distributors instead of directly with the manufacturer. Sometimes, you will be surprised to find that distributors give a better deal than the manufacturer himself – let’s say that how the world works some times.
  2. Explore if you could join up with some more developers and together order a larger size of solar panels. This might not be easy for a small rooftop owner, but this might not be very difficult if you are putting up solar farms which are of medium or large sizes.
  3. Explore if you can get buyer’s credit from the solar panel manufacturers which reduces the financing cost for the solar panels. This facility could be financially very attractive in countries such as India where the interest rates for loans are above 12%, whereas the panel manufacturer, through the relationship they have with international banks, might be able to get a credit for the panel cost from these banks at far lower interest rates.

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