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The answer to this question depends on what type of solar power plant you are looking at implementing.

Small Rooftop Solar Power Plants

If you are putting up a small, rooftop solar power plant, the most feasible way to get good quality panels at the lowest possible price would be to go with an installer who does solar power plant implementation on scale.

Such an installer would be having strong business tie-ups with top tier solar module manufacturers. As the instals has a record of purchasing solar panels on a medium or large scale from the solar module manufacturer, it is quite possible that the module maker could provide prices to the installer that are far lower than what an individual rooftop owner can get on his own, or what a much smaller installer/EPC can get from a prominent solar panel maker.

For rooftop solar power plant developers, another way to get a good deal on high quality solar panels is to to buy as a group. Gather other developers known to you, and place solar panel order as a group. Of course, this avenue might not be easy or feasible for every one putting up a rooftop solar power plant.

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If you are buying small capacities (a few kW), it might also be a good idea to approach multiple distributors for different brands before finalizing. We have seen fairly significant discounts being offered from time to time on good quality Chinese panels, with a number of large, prominent and high quality Chinese firms suffering from over-production and keen on clearing off panels at even lower prices.

Medium or Large Solar Farms

If you are planning to develop a medium or large scale solar farm, the dynamics could be quite different.

Sure, your EPC/installer could still get you a good deal from the solar panel maker, but we have seen instances where the developer also contacted prominent solar panel manufacturers directly and bargained for a very good price.

This could be a viable method especially for those putting solar power plants that are 10 MW and above.

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