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This is a tough question.

Let’s quickly review the grades and their characteristics:


Grade A

  • Highest quality
  • No cosmetic imperfections
  • Could be more costlier than others

Grade B

  • Slightly lower quality than Grade A
  • Has minor cosmetic imperfections like color deviations and slight bends
  • Could be more economical than Grade A


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Grade C

  • Low quality
  • Has visible defects like major cracks and bends
  • Could be really cheap but is a poor choice overall

Grade A offers highest quality. Grade B panels usually have acceptable quality and could be much less costly than Grade A panels. Avoid grades lower than B.

Ok, this much is known. But how do you know which grade your panel is?

Luckily, the grade to be avoided, Grade C is easy to identify, as the grade will have significant cosmetic flaws, visible to the naked eye.

But what about grades A & B? How do we distinguish between these two?

This is tough, because neither the solar panel data sheet or any other related literature will mention it.

The only viable avenue we see is to ensure you do a checkup with your installer and with the solar panel manufacturer and ask them for any specific proof that they can provide.

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