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Why not? Why not indeed?

If you have an open terrace and wish to have part of the terrace to have a roof so you could use it for small parties and general fun, having elevated solar panels is indeed a good idea.

The one question that immediately crops up when we mention elevated solar panels is – will it cost extra?

Sure, it will.

You are adding some structural elements over and above what are required for rooftop solar panels that are directly mounted on roof, and there will indeed be extra cost.


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Elevated solar panels could cost up to 25% higher compared to conventional ground-mounted solar panels. This additional cost is mainly owing to the extra structural components

However, when analysing the cost economics, you should consider not just the extra cost for the elevated solar panels, but also how much it could cost if you were to build a conventional roof to get a similar shaded structure on your rooftop.

You will then see that the extra costs for elevated solar panels are possibly about the same as, or even lower than what it would cost you to construct a simple roof that provides an informal room. But at the same time you are also getting the solar panels you so badly wanted on your roof.

Not a bad deal, eh?

By the way, a number of residences and commercial establishments are indeed going for elevated solar panels, of late.

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