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The following are the parameters you should evaluate on:

  • Grade – Solar panels come in Grades A, B & C (Grade A being the highest quality)
  • Tier of the manufacturer – Organizations such as BNEF have come up with ranking of the solar panel manufacturer, classifying them into one of three Tiers (Tier 1 being the highest)
  • Efficiency – Solar panels have efficiencies ranging from 13%-24%
  • Performance under low light conditions – Some solar panels can generate higher amounts of electricity than other panels with the same Wp
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  • Temperature coefficient – Solar panels with lower temperature coefficient (and higher temperature tolerance) lose less of their efficiency at higher temperatures
  • Warranties available – Solar panels come with performance warranties, which range from Standard to Linear
  • Presence of anti-PID features – Solar panels also come with features to tackle PID or Potential Induced Degradation, a characteristic that can cause significant harm to the panel within the first few years of installation.

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