What Questions about Solar Panels Should I Ask My Installer or EPC?


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The most important questions you should ask your installer about solar panels are on the following aspects:

  • Who is the manufacturer of the solar panels – do ensure to get a detailed profile of the manufacturer, and not just “a prominent company” as an answer.
  • What is the grade of the solar panel? – Solar panels come in three main grades A, B & C. A is a superior grade, though it can be quite expensive. B grade solar panels have minute cosmetic defects but on performance they might be comparable to that of Grade A panels. Just make sure you do not go for C Grade panels – they are a bad investment and could end up producing useful electricity for as few as 4-5 years of the stated 25 years.
  • What are the warranties that come with the solar panel? – Solar panels come with warranties for performance. These can be crucial to good and consistent output from the panel for 25 long years.
  • What is the efficiency of the solar panel? – Efficiency is not the most important parameter in a solar panel, especially if it is used in large solar farms, as long as the module efficiency is not lower than 15%. However, a high efficiency solar panel typically also implies that the overall quality of the solar panel on other key aspects is also very high.
  • Does the solar panel have a good temperature tolerance? What is its temperature coefficient? – The efficiency of a solar panel decreases with every degree increase in temperature beyond 25 deg C. The temperature coefficient denotes the extent to which such a decrease takes place. Lower the decrease in efficiency per degree increase in temperature, the better is the solar panel.


Super Big Solar Panel FAQGet to know answers to over 100 important questions on solar panels from here.


  • Will the solar panel perform well under low light conditions? – Some solar panels can provide a better output at low sunlight than others. Ensure that your solar panel has this feature.
  • Does the solar panel have an anti-reflection coating on its outer glass? – Anti-reflective coatings on the glass of solar panel ensures less light is reflected and more is passed onto the solar cells, resulting in higher electricity output.
  • Does the solar panel have anti-PID features incorporated? – Potential Induced Degradation (PID) can cause significant harm to your solar panels if these are not taken care of in time. Having features within a solar panel that can prevent or minimize PID can result in a more robust solar panel.

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  1. lalit

    Can anyone tell me that why polycrystalline panels are mostly used over mono crystalline panels? And should i believe someone who tells me that he is giving me both monocrystalline and poly crystalline panels at the same price?

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