Which are the Top Indian Solar Panel Brands?


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As of 2016, India has close to 60 companies making solar PV panels. While a large number of these companies are small (with capacities in the range 10-25 MW), there are a few medium sized players, some of whom are making serious efforts to get into the big league.

Well, which brands among these are “Top” is really subjective, so I would just list some of the more prominent Indian solar panel brands.

  • Vikram Solar
  • Waaree
  • Tata Power Solar
  • Emvee Solar


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Mind you, there are 50+ companies making solar modules (though there are fewer than 10 solar cell makers in the country as of mid 2016), but only the above mentioned ones are large. A large portion of the 50+ solar module makers are small, and produce/have capacity for less than 25 MW per annum, while most companies listed above produce over 100 MW each.

Please note however that being large prominent alone do not mean that their solar panels are the best. Some of the smaller solar module makers in India have equally good quality solar panels as the top ones.

So, when you plan to purchase solar panels, don’t just fall for the Large Company Vs Small Company myth, but ensure you do a serious review of the panel characteristics.

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