In order to safeguard from choosing a bad EPC for your solar installation, following the three criteria mentioned below is crucial.

  • Do not go for lowest cost EPC –It is likely you will end up with the lowest quality solar power plant. In this context, beware of EPCs who start their marketing pitch with their price. An EPC for whom price is the starting point is also an EPC for whom price will be the ending point – he quite likely has no other selling points!
  • Do not go for EPCs who are unwilling to involve you in decision making for key aspects of the project – While the EPC might be the technical expert, there are critical aspects of the plant where the decision might not be a pure technical decision, but could be techno-strategic or techno-commercial decision. It is imperative that the EPC involves the owners of the projects in these aspects. Beware of EPCs who intend to take all the decisions themselves, with little consultation with you.
  • Do not go for EPCs who are not willing to introduce you to their key core and extended team members – Most EPCs have a small core team and extensive partnerships with teams with other skill sets. An EPC might have a core team of electrical and solar design experts, but might outsource construction and approvals to others. It is important for you know both their core team and extended partner team. EPCs that are not keen to disclose who their core team members and partners are should be avoided.

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