How important is the solar EPCs’ transparency in transactions?

It is very important that you choose an solar EPC that maintains a good level of transparency. Solar Mango mentions some instances to highlight why the transparency offered by the EPC is crucial.

  • It is vital that the EPC involves you in all the key decision-making aspects of the project. Although the EPC is the technical expert, there are times when the decision-making process requires the involvement of the developer or the investor, especially when techno-commercial aspects are involved.
  • In some cases, it is seen that the EPC is unwilling to introduce you to their core and extended team members. They might outsource some construction works, approvals, etc., to other contractors. In such a case, it is necessary that the EPC maintains a transparent communication channel with you, keeping you in the loop all throughout the project implementation phase.
  • Often, solar EPCs incorporate added costs to the quote by manipulating prices of specific components in order to widen their profit margin. This can mean that the customer pays a premium to the actual cost for unjustified reasons. These EPCs may not be willing to share detailed cost break-up of components used in the solar power plant. For some developers who have requested for the quote, this can be a matter of trustworthiness.

A high quality EPC maintains a straight-forward approach by sharing all relevant details with the developer or investor.

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