How will the level of sub-contracting done by a solar EPC affect the power plant installation?

Just like typical construction projects, solar construction projects often see a good number of sub-contractors involved in it. It is seen that when too many contractors are involved in a project, the quality of implementation suffers due lack of effective communication between the contractors or contractors compromising equipment quality to improve their profit margins.

Sometimes, when an EPC sub-contracts the civil work part to a particular contractor,  this contractor passes down the work to other contractors and in the end it goes down 3-4 layers. This kind of layering will only mean added costs for each contractor, which in turn will mean unnecessary costs to the developer.

Sometimes, even the quality could is compromised by some contractors. For Example: Often, vendors who are sub-contracted the job of supplying mounting structures disregard providing this optimum thickness of 80 microns for the galvanized structure, thereby causing unexpected structural failure.

In order to ensure an efficient implementation of your solar plant, it is a recommended practice to conduct a thorough due diligence on the background of the sub-contractors employed.

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