Super Big FAQs on Solar Power Plant Evaluation

The questions with regard to evaluating a solar  power plant during its installation and post installation could be very different. Most investors – especially the ones without a solar industry background, are clueless about how to evaluate their investment and what changes could be made to further generation.

Whether you are planning to invest in an existing solar power plant or would like to evaluate your own solar power plant , the following questions discussed and answered on Solar Mango could be of critical importance to you.

Here’s the big list of FAQs on Solar Power Plant Evaluation.

Solar Power Plant Evaluation – Components

  • How well have the components been chosen?- Here
  •  Presence of local service support from component manufacturers?- Here
  • What have been the degradation rates in panels?- Here
  • How good are the inverters?- Here
  • What types of monitoring solutions are employed by the power plant?- Here
  • What kind of trackers is employed?How do you ensure its quality?- Here
  • Are the components suppliers in business?- Here
  • Can you retrofit additional components to an existing power plant to increase generation? – Here
  • What are the warranty clauses attached to key components?-Here

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Solar Power Plant Evaluation – Plant Performance

  • What is the average CUF (Capacity Utilisation Factor) of the power plant?-Here
  • What are the performance guarantees provided by the installer?-Here
  • What is the generation data from the power plant? Is it according to the industry standards?-Here
  • What have been the cleaning practices for the panels over the years?-Here
  • What are the O&M practices followed?-Here
  • How do you check the quality of the  O&M company and personnel? – Here
  • What are the innovations employed in the power plant? How can they impact your  financial returns?-Here
  • Is there scope for expansion of the power plant, in terms of scale?-Here
  • What were the key problems the power plant had faced and what were the causes for these?-Here

Solar Power Plant Evaluation – Location Specifics

  • Evaluation of  performance during high winds – Here
  • Evaluation of  performance at high temperature – Here
  • Evaluation of performance when exposed to high amounts of dust – Here
  • Is the solar power plant located in areas prone to floods and water logging? – Here

Solar Power Plant Evaluation – Terms and Conditions

  • How reputed are the solar power plants installers/EPCs? – Here
  • What are the terms and conditions between the current owner and installer of the power plant? – Here
  • What are the government policies applicable to the power plant? How/will this impact the returns from the power plant?-Here

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  1. Raghu kumar B v

    What is the space required to set up one mega watt solar plant. And is it possible to get the investors because am having a some agricultural land in my native place

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