Solar Talent – Solar Mango’s division for India solar sector careers

Solar Mango, the #1 Solar Guide, recently launched its career solutions division – Solar Talent.


The overall objective of Solar Talent is to enable the Indian solar sector to grow through the provision of high quality solar professionals – be they in engineering, sales or in other aspects of management.

Is Solar Talent a recruitment agency?

At a functional level, yes, Solar Talent will perform most if not all the functions of a conventional recruitment agency.

But the similarity with a traditional recruitment agency ends here.

So, how is Solar Talent different from a traditional recruitment agency?

Firstly, Solar Talent is a division of Solar Mango, a leading solar consulting & research firm, known for its knowledge and insights of the solar energy, especially solar PV sector. These insights, both technical and strategic, imply that our understanding of a candidate’s profile and its fit to a desired role will be far deeper than a horizontal recruitment agency can ever hope to have. A differentiated understanding can result in us enabling companies to choose far superior candidates for their requirements

Second: Our reach. Solar Mango’s web site (the one you are on right now) is India’s largest solar energy specific web resource. Our web site, blog, newsletter, app and other resources reach almost a million users in the Indian solar energy sector over a year. There is hardly any important sector in Indian solar that is not touched by Solar Mango. What this means is that recruiters get a far larger and higher quality database to select from.

Three: Solar Mango’s work does not stop with recruitment, but can assist the client in domain specific training and skill development. We are associated with a large network of experts in the country – from training institutes such as kWatt (run by an IIT Bombay professor and a solar expert) to iAcharya (which runs training courses in collaboration with MNRE) to our work with pretty much every type of technology and solution provider along the entire solar PV value chain.

  • What this means to recruiters is that they can rely on Solar Mango for requirements beyond recruitment, and for other solar specific human resource needs – such as training and skills development. In select cases, recruiters can also use our network of experts to outsource any solar related expert work they are not able to get it done internally.

What the above three advantages mean for a recruiter is that for the same efforts and cost they spend on a traditional recruitment agency, they can get a far superior asset for their company using Solar Mango’s Solar Talent services.

What does Solar Talent mean for talent looking for the right opportunities?

All the advantages listed above also assist those looking for the right career move.

For high quality talent looking for a good career move in the fast growing Indian solar sector, having your profile at Solar Talent could mean the difference between getting that phenomenal job you just wanted and settling for an ordinary job.

So, what exactly are you waiting for?

If you are a recruiter keen on getting top solar talent, or top talent looking for the right opportunity, send in your needs (recruiter) / profile (candidate) to .

For more about Solar Talent, here’s where you go.


Send your CV to , along with a cover letter indicating why you are the best match for the position.

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