MICROSUN SOLAR – A True Sample for ‘Make-in-India’

MICROSUN SOLAR – A True Sample for ‘Make-in-India’

MicroSun Solar is one of the distinguished manufacturers and suppliers of superior quality Solar Photovoltaic Modules under the brand name “MICROSUN”. Further, we possess a high scalable in-house design, and development facility, which has enabled MicroSun to cater to Solar Industry. MicroSun modules are renowned in the industry for their premium quality. Website: www.microsunsolar.com

MicroSun also operates as an EPC player for rooftop and ground mounted solar power projects. Solar Mango team was able to catch up with Mr.Yash D Jain, Business Development Executive at MicroSun for a brief interview during the recent REI Expo 2016, held at Noida. A quick snapshot of the interview is given below:

Interview Questions:

What are the key products and solutions your company provides to the Indian solar sector?

The Key Products and Solutions MicroSun provides are the Photovoltaic Modules, Lighting Systems and Power Packs.

  1. Solar Photovoltaic Modules.
  2. EPC for Grid connected Projects.
  3. Solar Water Pumping Systems.
  4. Solar Street Lighting Systems.
  5. Solar Home/Office Lighting Systems.
  6. Solar Portables ( Lanterns, Chargers etc.. )
  7. Solar Rooftop Systems.

Some of the projects executed by MicroSun:

sm1400 kW at Bidar University

What are the highlights and USPs of your products and solutions?

The USP of our Product and Solution are we do not compromise on our premium quality at any cost. The Solar Industry is more of trending towards Price Driven market and we stand on the other side of the corner, sticking to our Quality, because we see the future and not the present.

Talking about the Solutions, we feel the better services and solutions that we have provided to our customers with near perfection has gained us a huge amount of positive response. The customer is completely satisfied with the content of work we do. We want our customers happy all the time. Be it Post-sales services, or Installations, or EPC for grid connected projects, etc..


MicroSun Manufacturing facility @Bengaluru

Any future products and solutions you are coming up with for the Indian market?

Yes, We are coming up with a whole new business model with new products and Solutions that will cater to the Indian Solar Industry. We have taken every step to cover all the loop holes which the current Solar Industry has, and this has given us a new way to help our customers.

Stay Tuned!

Coming Soon.

What are the key learnings you have had from the Indian solar energy sector so far?

Key Learnings from the current Indian Solar Energy Sector, Everybody wants to jump into  Solar. All the big giant players are getting into solar only because of the Money power they possess.

SMEs are finding it difficult to sustain in the market, However, One big learning which I have learnt personally is all big players are going for the Power Packs/ Solar Power plants leaving behind the other segment of Rural sales and development. Which means, the lower the capacity of a company , the lower is the market segmentation. Even if I want to go for Solar Power plants, we have to compete with the giant players and get into the “PRICE WAR”, which we are not interested in.

We are happy serving our market and gaining customer’s satisfaction.

What, according to you, are the key challenges faced by the Indian Solar market?

The Key Challenges are:

  1. Manufacturers are mostly focused on export markets that buy Solar PV cells and modules at higher prices thereby increasing their profits. Many new suppliers have tie-ups with foreign players in Europe and United States thereby prioritizing export demand. This could result in reduced supplies for the fast-growing local market.
  2. The need for a better financing infrastructure, models and arrangements to spur the PV industry and consumption of PV products.
  3. Land Scarcity: Per capita land availability is very low in India, and land is a scarce resource. Dedication of land area near substations for exclusive installation of solar cells might have to compete with other necessities that require land.
  4. Complexity of subsidy structure & involvement of too many agencies like MNRE, IREDA, SNA, electricity board and electricity regulatory commission makes the development of solar PV projects difficult.
  5. Land allotment & PPA signing is a long procedure under the Generation Based Incentive scheme in India.

To know more about MicroSun Solar,

Contact – Yash D Jain, Business Development Executive




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