Hands-on Solar Installation Training – 7 Day Program by Experts @ IIT BOMBAY


SOLARINSTALL-Solar PV System Installation Training

Conducted by

IIT Faculty & Solar Industry Experts

Date: 9th to 15th September 2017

Venue: IIT BOMBAY, Powai, Mumbai.

For Registration, talk to us -9952475480 or Email : events@solarmango.com

SOLARINSTALL course majorly focuses on hands-on training for component installation, commissioning of 1 kWp Off-Grid and 3 kWp On-Grid Solar PV Power Plant. It will also focus on Operations and Maintenance practices pertaining to solar PV systems. The participants will also be given training on marketing & entrepreneurship skill so that they will become the campaigners of solar energy.

Who is it for?

  • Engineers
  • Electricians
  • Technicians and other solar aspirants

What do you get from this Training Program?

PV system hands on practice

  • There will be a 1 kWp Off-Grid  &  3 kWp On-Grid Solar PV system plant for hands on practice of installation and commissioning

Certification  &  Job Opportunities

  • Certificates will be issued by Skill Council for Green Jobs (SCGJ), Skill India and National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) under the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship (MSDE), Govt. of India through kWatt Solutions Private Limited, SINE, IIT Bombay to the Students/faculties who would attend and successfully complete the training program
  • Government has set a target of 100GW solar installation by the year 2022 which will create job opportunities for more than 1.6 million skilled technicians in solar installation


  All participants in this program will also have the opportunity to get personalised assistance from   Prof Chetan Solanki of IIT Mumbai, one of the leading technical experts in the field of solar.


Highly useful to Prospective Solar EPCs!

Training Program Agenda

S.No Underpinning Knowledge (Theory) Practical Competencies Duration(Days)
1 a. Electricity Basics
b. Introduction to Conventional & Non-conventional source of Energy
c. Basics of Solar energy
Introduction of Institute, Solar Training Yard visit
a. Tools Introduction & type of tools:-
1. Safety tools
2. Marking tools
3. Measuring tools
4. Testing tools
5. Working tools
b. Basic knowledge of Irradiance sensor, Temperature sensors, Clamp on-meter, Earth tester, Insulation Resistance tester
c. Demonstration of PV components:-
1. Module
2. Inverter
3. Battery
4. Structure
5. BoS
d. Site selection, suitability & Planning
2 a. Study of solar photovoltaic cell & module, type and its application
b. Handling, storing, packing/unpacking of modules, inverters, other components and tools
c. Solar Photovoltaic system (Module, Battery, Inverter and BoS)
d. Types of solar photovoltaic system
1. Grid connected solar PV system
2. Off-Grid/Standalone connected solar PV system
a. Solar Photovoltaic system (Module, Battery, Inverter and BoS)
b. Types of solar photovoltaic system
1. Grid connected solar PV system
2. Off-Grid/Standalone connected solar PV system
c. Series and Parallel connections of battery and Modules
d. Reading and observations of output from PV module (under various conditions)
3 a. Understanding the parameters of site survey
– Site survey form filling, Analyzing the shading objects
b. Execution Strategy and Steps
– 1 MWp Solar PV Plant visit and activity
c. Understanding the civil foundation design
d. Structure erection, types of structures
a. Civil Foundations implementation
b. Module mounting structure (MMS) and erection of the same
c. Proper alignment and tightening of MMS
4 a. Reading of Single Line Diagram (SLD)
b. Performance analysis and troubleshooting monitoring of generation per string incoming & outgoing power at junction box & Inverter level
c. Types of Cables
d. Cable Protection, Cable routing, Cable laying
e. Plant Protection System
a. Module Mounting
b. Inverter Installation
c. Installation of balance equipment and end termination of Power cable
d. Module Earthing
e. Module Interconnections
f. String testing, DC combiner box, Cable routing
g. Installation of Battery (For 1 kW Off-Grid PV System)
5 a. Plant commissioning procedure
b. Power Evacuation
c. Understanding plant interconnections
d. Understanding the concept of grid synchronization, grid fundamental AC/DC
a. Purpose for Inspection & testing
b. Inspection, Testing & commissioning of PV plant
c. String testing – Pre checks
d. Inverter Testing
e. Dismantling of System
6 Batch-1 & Batch-2 Interchanging



a. Proper Alignment and tightening
b. Fixing of Structure and its connection
c. Module Mounting
d. Inverter Installation and Connection
e. Battery Installation (Off Grid System)
f. Installation of Balance equipment and End termination of Power cable
7 a. Vote of Thanks a. Installation of Junction Box
b. String testing c. Cable tray, types of cables & cable laying
d. Inspection, Testing & Commissioning of PV plant
e. Grid Synchronization
f. String Testing – Pre checks
g. Short circuit test – work method
h. Inverter testing – work method
Complete hands-on solar PV system design and installation training Theory + Practical 7 Days




Dr. Chetan Singh Solanki

Chairman (kWatt Solutions Pvt. Ltd.)

  • Professor, Energy Science & Engineering , IIT Bombay (Ph.D, IMEC Belgium) with 11+ Patents, 40+ International Publication, & 4 Books
  • Principal Investigator – National Center for Photovoltaic Research & Education (NCPRE), IIT Bombay
  • Young Scientist Award by EMRS (European Material Research Society) in 2003. Young Scientist Award by IIT Bombay in 2009 .
  • He has delivered several invited talks and special lecture series on solar PV at both international and national level
  • Founder member and Chairman of Education Park(Is An Effort for Providing High Quality,Affordable Education & Training in Rural India.
  • Founder member and Chairman of New Energy Foundation (www.nenf.org).This organization is working for promoting renewable energy in rural India.

Bikash Kumar

Senior Advisor (kWatt Solutions Pvt. Ltd.)

  • Bikash Kumar has over 20 years of experience in the PV Industry, spanning across major PV Company of India.
  • He is currently engaged as Director Technical with V S Saurya EnerTech Pvt. Ltd under partnership arrangement and is building business portfolio in solar manufacturing & PV power plant services.
  • He is also a member of Advisory Board of a startup company kWatt Solutions Pvt Ltd (kSPL) Incubated in SINE at IIT Mumbai
  • He was last employed with Lanco Solar where he worked as VP Technology. Previous to Lanco he has worked at Tata BP Solar (now Tata Power Solar), Reliance Industries and Moserbaer.

Mr. Vaman Kuber

  • Master in Information Science from UNSW Australia in 1992 – 1994 Mr. Vaman Kuber is an Advisor for kWatt Solutions in developing rooftop and utility scale SPV power projects.
  • September 2010 – Present
  • Lead, Develop and Manage delivery of training programs in Solar PV power components and systems.
    Conducted Solar PV power plant studies and develop design project reports for project implementation.

Pranav Maheshwari

Head – Quality Assurance-kWatt Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

  • Master in Technology in Department of Energy Science and Engineering (DESE) at IIT Bombay
  • Performed feasibility analysis of wind-solar hybrid electricity generation for a remote village of 100 kW peak demand in Maharashtra
  • Awarded 7th position worldwide, in the area of autonomous ground vehicles at Michigan, USA
  • Previously worked in Tata Power, collaborating with India Smart Grid Forum (ISGF) toward analysis of Electric Vehicle in India
  • Performed Energy Audits for Eicher Engineering, Mumbai.

Mr. Pawan Kumar Venkata

  • Master in Technology in Power Electronics at NIT Surat
  • 5+ years of Experience in Solar Energy Field
  • Experience in developing and guiding more than 100 Solar projects for Engineering students
  • Trained more than 1000 students in Solar across India
  • Developed various commercial solar products such as Battery Solarizer, Solar Home Lighting System, Solar Multitask power bank etc
  • Developed 1st of its kind lab Instrument ” Solar Spectral response Meter ” supplied in various R&D institutes and centers across India

Mr. Mukesh Katare


  • Bachelor in Technology in Power Electronics at UPES, Dehradun
  • 5+ years of Experience in Solar Energy Field
  • Experience in EPC for more than 500kWp Solar PV System
  • Trained more than 1000 students in Solar across India
  • Developed 1st of its kind lab Instruments ” Solar Laboratory Setups” supplied in various R&D institutes and centers across India
For Registration, talk to us -9952475480 or Email : events@solarmango.com

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