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SolBizz is a 3 days Entrepreneur training program giving all nuances of becoming Solar Entrepreneur with SolBizz.We give you an opportunity to fulfill your dreams and become an Entrepreneur in the field of Solar.

The training will help you understand the technology, Market analysis is complete project life from getting an inquiry till converting it into a work order, participants will also get hand-on making Techno-Commerical Proposal, Feasibility reports and Detailed Project Reports (DPR), Financial Management and Legalities in Solar PV from this course.



  • Government of India certification course affiliated with
  • National skill development corporation (NSDC)
  • SINE, IIT Bombay
  • Skill Council for Green Jobs (SCGJ)


In depth learning of solar Photovoltaic technology. make yourself familiar with technical terminology used in solar PV plant planning and development.


Get exposure to business opportunities in solar field. learn to convert leads into business. Get exposure to start up your business in solar field. Also learn about different business models in solar.


Learn current indian solar market scenario. Know details about solar market Up and Down patterns of past years. study, how market is beneficial for solar energy.


Know about different state and central government policies and schemes for solar power implementation. Make yourself familiar with legal permissions and procedures needs to be followed up for solar projects.


Get opportunity to work with kWatt Solutions Pvt Ltd and on site experience of live solar projects and planning. collaborate with kWatt into various sola skill development trainings.

Training Program Agenda

DAY 1 28th September

SESSION Time (Hrs.) Topics Speaker
8:45-9:00 Inauguration Ceremony Mr. Abhimanyu Singh
SESSION1 09:00-10:00 •How SolBizz will Help you?

•Present Market Scenario of Solar business.

•Myths about Solar industry.
•Different Opportunities in Solar Sector

Mr G.J. Girase
SESSION2 10:00-10:45 • Business opportunities inSolar PV Technology

• Learn about presentbusinessesand SolarEntrepreneurs

•How can you grow up in solar sector

Mr G.J. Girase
Tea Break
SESSION3 11:00-12:30 •  SolarPhotovoltaic system layout & components Mr. Bikash Kumar
SESSION4 12:30-13:15 •Solar System Components overview and system standards for compliance Mr. Bikash Kumar
Lunch Break
SESSION5 14:00-15:30 • Types of Solar PV Plant

•How to design a solar system?

•Electricity Bill analysis for sizing of solar power plant.

Mr. Bikash Kumar
Tea Break
SESSION6 15:45-16:45 • Solar PV Plant’s Life cycle and how it works. MrBikash Kumar
SESSION7 16:45-18:00 • Site Visit of 45kWp Solar power plant at IITBombay Mr. Chandrapratap Singh

DAY 2 -29th September

SESSION Time (Hrs.) Topics Speaker
SESSION 1 09:00-10:00 • How to generate inquiry for solar power plant.

•  How to understand your client’s requirement.

•  Request for proposal Input format

•  Selection of suitable technology and business model for inquiry.

Mr. Bikash Kumar
High Tea
SESSION 2 10:15-11:00 • Why Site survey is require?

• Points to be considered during site visit.

•  Site Survey on‘X’ Roofto

Mr.Bikash Kumar
11:00-12:45 • Developinglayouton Google Sketch-upfor estimating the PV capacity for ‘X’ rooftop Mr. Santosh Yadav
SESSION 3 13:30-15:00 • WhatisFeasibilityreport?

• Factors to be considered while preparing feasibility report.

• What is EstimatedPVGeneration Data?

Guest Speaker
High Tea
SESSION 4 15:15-17:00 •  Preparation of feasibilityreport

•     Technicaldetailing

•     Commercialdetailing

•     RiskAnalysis

•     Projectimplementation

•  Making Feasibility Report for ‘X’ Rooftop project

•     How to prepare Techno-Commercial proposal?

Guest Speaker
SESSION 5 17:00-18:00 • Q/ASession Guest Speaker

DAY 3 – 30th September

SESSION Time (Hrs.) Topics Speaker
SESSION 1 09:00-9:30 • What is Detail Project Report (DPR)

• Understanding Designand Engineering

Guest Speaker
SESSION 2 9:30 – 11:30 •Generation of Estimated generation report using software PVSyst (Hands On)

•What is Plant CUF and PR?

Guest Speaker
High Tea
SESSION 3 11:30-12:00 • Budget planning for Solar power plant project

• How to schedule project timeline?

• Assessment of availability of resources at plant site.

Guest Speaker
SESSION 4 12:00-13:30 • Preparation of DPR

•  Understanding ProjectMonitoring

•  Project planning, controland modifications

Guest Speaker
SESSION 5 14:00 -15:15 • Economic evaluation of aPVPlant

•  SimplePaybackPeriod(SPP) calculation,Net Present Value (NPV) and Levelized Cost of Electricity (LCOE) calculations

•  Understanding economy of scale, tax benefits, accelerated depreciation

•  Different investment models(D)

Mr. G J Girase
High Tea
SESSION 6 15:15-16:45 •  Legalitiesinsolarproject

•  Power PurchasingAgreement (PPA)forBOTmodel

•  Generationguaranties

•  Plantgeneration Insurance

•  Bankloan,interestrates,etc. (D)

Mr. G J Girase
SESSION 7 16:45-18:00 Assessment Skill Council For Green Jobs
Registration Fee for SOLBIZZ Training Program is Rs. 25,000 (Inclusive of Taxes)


Mr. Girase G. J.

Former Director Finance of Mahagenco-Maharashtra Power Generation Co. (MAHAGENCO) and MSEB Holding Company Ltd.

    • Mr.Girase has over 30 years of experience in power, finance & infrastructure sectors.
      He took initiatives to bring Mahagenco in solar power generation and ensured setting up of Mahagenco’s 125 MW solar PV plant and has since been  pursuing his interests in solar energy businesses. He has set up two private solar parks of 180 MWp in Maharashtra and  has also co-founded SolarMount Structures Pvt Ltd. Mr Girase is Director on the Board of a Bank and few private companies. He also works in advisory capacities.
    • He is also Vice President of Solar Energy Society of India-SESI, New Delhi.
    • He is also a member of Advisory Board of a kWatt Solutions Pvt Ltd (kSPL) Incubated in SINE at IIT Mumbai

Bikash Kumar

Senior Advisor (kWatt Solutions Pvt. Ltd.)

      • Bikash Kumar has over 20 years of experience in the PV Industry, spanning across major PV Company of India.
      • He is currently engaged as Director Technical with V S Saurya EnerTech Pvt. Ltd under partnership arrangement and is building business portfolio in solar manufacturing & PV power plant services.
      • He is also a member of Advisory Board of a startup company kWatt Solutions Pvt Ltd (kSPL) Incubated in SINE at IIT Mumbai
      • He was last employed with Lanco Solar where he worked as VP Technology. Previous to Lanco he has worked at Tata BP Solar (now Tata Power Solar), Reliance Industries and Moserbaer.

Money Khanna

Punjab ECBC Cell Coordinator in PEDA Chandigarh & Manager in Design2Occupancy
Services LLP.

      • He is Solar PV TOT Certified Trainer, IGBC AP & BEE Certified ECBC Master Trainer.
      • He is working as Consultant in Punjab ECBC Cell at Punjab Energy Development Agency Chandigarh, making awareness among peoples of Punjab state and enforcement of Punjab Energy Conservation Building Code (Punjab ECBC) Implementation in the state of Punjab to make the Non-Residential Buildings Better Energy Efficient.
For Registration, talk to us -9952475480 or Email :


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