Can the world run 100% on solar power alone?

I am sure you had asked this question to yourself sometime to yourself – is it possible for the entire world to run on solar power alone?

The Cleantech Guide provides a detailed, interesting answer over here.

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Inverters and Storage: Integration with Solar Power


Read Solar Mango Innovation Blog Post on Battery Storage HERE


The markets for storage and inverters are evolving along with the overall solar power system.

As the market for solar power expands, so will those for inverters and batteries.

I read a useful article on the intersection of solar, batteries and inverters at Solar Power World. This article says that “Optimizing […]

Thin Film Solar Cell – Getting More Power Out of Semiconductor Materials

Summary: Thin film solar cells use much less semi-conductor material than crystalline solar cells.

You might have heard about Thin Film Solar Cells. What indeed are they? Why are they called “thin film”? And what advantages do these have over conventional solar cells?

Most times, when we talk about solar cells, we are referring to what are called […]

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