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Getting Solar Power Plant without Batteries to Work during Grid Failure: Kripya’s Dual Mode Micro-Inverter


A growing number of people are now realizing the true potential of harnessing the sun to meet their energy needs. With solar power hogging a lion’s share of the recent news, thanks to Modi Government’s solar push, people are now adapting to solar energy. As of April 2017, cumulative solar installations has crossed 12 GW […]

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Diverse Consulting Services in Solar – Nexus Energy Tech

 Diverse Consulting Services in Solar – Nexus Energy Tech
An Interview @REI 2016
Global consultancy firms estimate that renewable energy consulting is a $250 million market (Source) and is full of opportunities for companies and individuals with good experience in this upcoming industry.

Mr.Arvind Karandikar of Nexus Energy Tech fully understood this large potential and started a small […]

End-To-End Solar Solutions Provider – iAcharya Silicon Ltd

End – To – End Solar Solutions provider – iAcharya Silicon Limited
An Interview @REI 2016
iAcharya Silicon Ltd is one of the major solar players from TamilNadu. While they started off as a small consulting and training company, they have now diversified into various solar sectors, quickly building on their strengths.

iAcharya operates in 4 major divisions […]

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