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Captive Solar Power Plants Becoming popular with Indian Companies

I had earlier written a blog post Captive Solar Power Plant – Is it Good for My Company? that received quite a few queries and comments, with some of them saying it is a bit too early for Indian companies for think of captive solar as the business case might not be strong enough.

I would […]

Captive Solar Power Plant for My Company – Is It a Good Idea?

What are captive solar power plants?

A captive solar power plant refers to a solar power plant that has been implemented by a company for its own captive consumption. That is, the power generated by the solar power plant is consumed entirely by the developing company itself.

Now, you might easily recognise one type of captive solar power plant, and that is the rooftop solar power plant. Most times, the power generated […]

Private Solar PPAs – 61 MW Solar Project to Provide Power to Google Data Center

Currently, most solar power generation in countries such as India takes place through grid-connected, MW scale solar power plants.

Of course, until recent times it was the other way round – with Germany and Japan having over 90% of their solar power generated from distributed, rooftop solar power plants. But the times, they are a-changing, and it is currently grid connected MW scale power plants […]

India’s Vizag Port Going Solar through a 10 MW Solar Power Plant

An interesting read here on how a major Indian port is planning to go solar in a big way.

The Vishakapatnam port is one of India’s major ports, and it is planning a 10 MW ground mounted solar power plant, located in land that apparently cannot be used for anything else.

Once completed, it will become the country’s […]

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