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  1. Is rooftop solar power cheaper than diesel/grid power?
  2. How much does a rooftop solar PV system cost?
  3. Can rooftop solar PV replace diesel entirely?
  4. How much roof area do I require to install a rooftop solar PV system?
  5. How much electricity does a rooftop solar PV system generate?
  6. What are the various components of a rooftop solar system?
  7. What are the Warranties and Certifications I should look for in my rooftop PV system?
  8. What is the capacity of the solar power system I require for my facility?
  9. Does rooftop solar PV generate power during a power failure?
  10. Do I have to build my own rooftop plant or can I just buy solar power?
  11. What are the various policies and regulations (subsidies, incentives, permissions) that I should consider for my rooftop solar systems?