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Connecting Premium Investors with Quality Indian Solar Power Plant Developers

For medium and large scale solar projects, financing is a critical aspect. In fact, financing of MW scale solar power plants is becoming the most challenging phase of a solar power project in many regions.

Solar Mango brings to the table the following in the context of solar power financing:

  • Its in-depth understanding of the solar energy industry, especially solar PV power plants, both utility scale and distributed generation
  • Its contacts with and access to a large number of solar power plant developers, specifically in India
  • Its access to a wide range of financial investors from India and international – this includes banks, non-banking financial companies, private equity funds, international financing sources, including multilateral agencies.

With the above strengths in mind, Solar Mango is introducing its Solar Mango Finance division.

This division will assist

  • High quality Indian solar developers access financing sources/investors at optimal costs and other terms, and

  • Financial investors (both India and international) access high quality Indian developers

MW-scale ground-mounted grid connected power plants

We work on financial investment opportunities for assets that are either:

  • Operational – these developers are looking for investors to whom they can sell part of full stake to, OR
  • Have signed PPAs but plant not yet developed– theseto jointly develop the project, or.

Typical scales:For Grid-connected MW-scale power plants, we work on opportunities starting with 5 MW (about $5 million project cost), all the way to opportunities upwards of 100 MW.

Medium and large rooftop solar opportunities

The opportunities we work on for rooftop solar are typically with those:

  • Who have signed up PPAs for rooftop solar projects under schemes such as Net Metered solar power (for instance in Karnataka which has an attractive Net Metering scheme for rooftop solar), or
  • Companies or institutions which have large rooftops are looking for developer investors who can take the roof on lease or develop a rooftop solar power plant under the BOO (Build Own Operate) model and sell power to the rooftop owner.

Typical scales:For rooftop solar financing opportunities, the minimum sizes for which we work for financing assistance is 1 MW, but in some cases, we have worked with 500 kW scales too.


Solar Mango is India’s most popular solar guide and brand. As a result, we get the opportunity to work with solar power plant owners and developers across the entire length and breadth of the country.

As a financial or owner investor if you are looking for high quality investing opportunities in solar in India, look no further than Solar Mango Finance.

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