No Compromise Guide to Rooftop Solar Power

Want a BMW on Your Rooftop?

The no-compromise guide to rooftop solar power in India

What does it take to get the best possible solar power plant on your rooftop? Many industrial and commercial energy consumers are keen to know the answer to this question. When making an investment for 25-years, it is the quality of the plant that is key to ensuring reliable power over the period.

Solar Mango has prepared a guide for such consumers who are willing to pay a premium price for premium solar plants. If you are an industrial or commercial energy consumer who operates a world class facility and requires the best infrastructure, our guide will help you selecting the best components for your solar plant.

This guide contains critical quality parameters and standards for

·         Panels
·         Inverters
·         Mounting Structures
·         Batteries
·         Cables
·         Connectors
·         Junction Boxes


The ‘Want a BMW on Your Rooftop’ guide can be downloaded here



India Renewable Energy Expert