What is All about Solar?

All about Solar is a package of 5 detailed expert guides on solar energy from Solar Mango that provide all the important information, intelligence and insights for anyone interested in starting a business in the Indian solar sector.

This bundle of expert guides provides critical and strategic inputs all the key markets in the Indian solar power sector:

  • Large MW-scale ground-mounted solar power plants
  • Rooftop solar power plants
  • Solar EPC business
  • Solar module manufacturing
  • Complete spectrum of business opportunities along the entire solar energy value chain

The Indian solar power market has grown from practically nothing in 2010 to a $10+ billion market in 2017, thus providing significant opportunities.

For many Indian entrepreneurs and businesses, a clear understanding of the current and emerging business opportunities in solar energy and the best strategies to enter the sector will thus be critical for their investment decisions.

Who Will Benefit Most from All about Solar?

If you are a business or entrepreneur keen on participating in the fast growing Indian solar energy sector, this package expert guides will be invaluable to you.

Using the comprehensive intelligence provided by the package, you will be able to take the right steps in entering the solar business in India.

Why is All about Solar Unique?

There are hundreds of web sites and online resources providing information on the latest developments in the Indian solar sector. All these inspire entrepreneurs to learn more about the solar energy business.

But NONE of these resources has comprehensively looked at solar power from a practical Indian businessman or entrepreneur’s perspective and answered the following questions in great detail:

  • Which of these solar businesses are viable and are practical in India now, or in the near future?
  • Which of the solar energy opportunities are for small and medium businesses, and which of these are only for very large companies?
  • How can a company enter the solar business in India? What are the best strategies and steps to be followed?
  • What are approximate costs and investments required to enter the various solar energy sectors?
  • What are the expected returns from diverse solar energy business opportunities?
  • What are the latest government policies and regulations that an entrepreneur should be aware of?
  • What are the latest innovations and technologies that an entrepreneur can leverage and succeed?

The above are the key questions Indian businesses and entrepreneurs keen on participating in the solar businesses have, but there is no guide that provides them the above details.

All about Solar is the first comprehensive package of expert guides to focus on these critical questions and provide effective answers for all the above questions.

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All about Solar – 5 Expert Guides in a Package

The following are the expert guides in the All about Solar Bundle:

Solar Profits Expert Guide – The complete spectrum of solar business opportunities

The Solar Profits Expert Guide examines the different segments of the solar PV value chain and comprehensively evaluates the opportunities and risks present in each. The objective is to provide decision makers the framework and supporting data to enable them analyse the sector better and make wiser investment decisions.

We have structured the guide such that a range of businesses – from large to small – can derive insights from it.

Each of the value chain components/sectors is analysed on the following parameters:

  • Opportunity spectrum and trends
  • Competitive landscape Investments required
  • Payback and returns
  • Risks and constraints

India Solar EPC Blueprint – The complete strategy for a solar EPC

Due to the low investments required, reasonable profit margins and availability of skilled solar professionals, Solar EPCs are currently an attractive business opportunity in India.

This actionable guide provides critical data, insights and resources that enable businesses to take their optimal first steps in becoming Solar EPCs.

This report is unique due to the following reasons.

  • This is not a report. This is an action and strategy blueprint for those keen on becoming a solar EPC in India
  • This comprehensive document covers all the critical aspects that will enable you to take your best first steps as a solar EPC in India
  • This report is based on the extensive understanding Solar Mango has of the Indian solar power EPC sector at conceptual and practical levels, and based on the hundreds of interactions we have had with successful EPCs across the country

The guide provides detailed inputs on

  • Business and revenue models
  • Key market segments
  • Key sales strategies and more
  • Also includes important sections on risks and risk mitigation for solar EPC.

India MW Solar Advisor – comprehensive guide for ground mounted solar power plants

A very large percentage of growth in the Indian solar power sector is from large, MW-scale ground mounted solar power plants. Most of the business opportunities are also hence present for this sector.

As this is a new industry, there are many critical aspects of the industry which many investors are not aware of. Before investing time and resources into such capital intensive projects, it is important for prospective solar power developers to understand these critical aspects, drivers and constraints that will define the success of solar power plants. Solar Mango’s MW Solar Advisor is the first comprehensive and authoritative guide that provides all the above inputs.

What will you gain by purchasing this Expert Guide?

  • Critical data points for various aspects of a MW solar power plant
  • Clear understanding of the business and revenue models applicable to MW Solar power plants
  • Comprehensive updates on current and upcoming solar policies from central and state governments – this is the first time when all these have put together at one place and analyzed.
  • Clear answers to the most frequently asked questions from developers
  • Understanding of attractive regions and states for MW Solar power plant investments Detailed inputs on how to calculate the right price to bid in solar tenders
  • Detailed inputs on how to select EPCs and critical components for solar power plants
  • A thorough understanding the various financing avenues available, and the pros and challenges for each of them
  • Recommendations on how to approach banks and other financial institutions, useful especially for SMEs
  • Template for developing an effective and winning detailed project report.
  • Costs of various components in a MW solar power plant, and how these costs have trended over the years
  • List of critical mistakes to avoid for a new MW Solar power plant developer
  • Inputs on site selection strategy and a comprehensive list of aspects to be considered while selecting land
  • Case studies and performance data from existing MW Solar power plants
  • The big picture of an effective overall MW Solar Blueprint and key action points


India Rooftop Solar Guide – complete guide for rooftop solar installation

The India Rooftop Solar Advisor is the first expert guide for rooftop solar for Indian industrial and commercial sectors. It takes a prospect through all the critical aspects of putting up a rooftop solar power plant.

With this guide, you will learn the following from experts:

  • Become Aware of Critical Data on Costs – Critical insights on costs for the rooftop solar power plant as a whole, as well as for the components
  • Understand the Actionable Steps – Step-by-step guide on how to put implement a rooftop solar power plant, with detailed instructions and illustrations for each step.
  • Learn How to Choose the Right Components – Detailed inputs on each critical component viz., panels, inverters, mounting structures, batteries and monitoring systems.
  • Get to Know Supporting Components & Systems – Details also provide intelligence on how to choose each components, along with standards for certifications and warranties
  • Know More about Other Installations through Case Studies – The Guide also provides case studies of prominent industrial and commercial rooftop solar installations all over India. These will assist a prospect in understanding the profiles of industries going solar and details of their solar power plants.



India Solar Module Manufacturing Report – detailed project report for solar module manufacturing

The central government’s goal to establish India as a solar manufacturing destination along with the ‘Make in India’ program have created a positive environment for setting up solar module units in the country.

However, there has been some apprehensions in the market about the market and business potential of solar module manufacturing business despite the fact that investment needs are not quite high.

This report can help you in getting a comprehensive overview of the current status of the solar module market and its business potential.

The report incorporates the following aspects:

  • Detailed demand-supply analysis and import-export trends for module manufacturing in the country.
  • Comprehensive study of the cost structures and expected returns from a module plant
  • Detailed regulatory assessment and policy analysis
  • Frameworks that assist businesses in establishing sales partnerships, module line technology selection, raw material selection etc.

Why is this report unique?

  • Written by Solar Mango’s consulting experts, who have been working extensively in the Indian solar sector right from 2010
  • Based on extensive discussions with all the key stakeholders in the Indian solar market – power plant developers, solar manufacturing equipment producers and system integrators, other solar module producers, suppliers of cells and raw materials, EPCs and government officials.
  • Provides balanced views and perspectives on all the important decision making parameters – market status and drivers, Indian and global solar power trends, key market segments, sales channels and government policies
  • Extensive, authentic data points that will be invaluable to investors – on market demand and supply, competitors, capital and operating expenses, raw materials and equipment suppliers, timelines and project schedules, and more

The report was updated in Apr 2018. For a fast changing market such as solar power, it is critical that the latest updates on costs and solar power plant installations and policies are available to the investor.

All 5 Expert Guides for Just Rs 9,500!

So, you get 5 detailed and invaluable guides for businesses on solar energy on the following topics in this unique package:


Solar Profits

Rooftop Solar

MW Scale Solar Power Plant

Solar EPC Blueprint

Solar Module Manufacturing

You get all the above 5 detailed guides from the industry expert Solar Mango for just Rs 9,500, a very small fraction of the price of typical industry reports.


Who are the Publishers of All about Solar?

The publishers of All about Solar expert guide package is Solar Mango. Solar Mango is a leading consulting and research firm with a dedicated focus on the Indian solar energy sector for over a decade. With management and technical experts having excellent academic (IIT/IIMs) and professional backgrounds, Solar Mango has helped over 500 businesses and entrepreneurs in India. Our clientele include the likes of Reliance, GSK, World Bank, Bosch, Sterlite, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, JSW and more.

More about us from www.solarmango.com

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