Premium Quality Solar for Your Rooftop– An Exclusive Report

Guide to Having a Super Premium Solar Power Plant on Your Rooftop

Industrial and commercial consumers are often interested in knowing how to get the best possible solar power plant on their rooftop. What components should they consider and on what basis should they select them?

While a part of the end users are today considering only price as a key criterion for deciding on the components of a solar power plant, discerning customers are demanding a high quality solar power plant on their rooftops – which makes sense as this is a 25-year investment which will occupy the pride of place in a factory or office.

Owing to the above considerations, there is a premium segment of the Indian industry which is keen on having the highest quality rooftop solar power plant, and they are willing to pay a premium for it.

This report from Solar Mango is for those discerning customers.

This report from Solar Mango, the #1 Guide for Rooftop Solar,provides critical insights required to build the best performing rooftop solar plant, and will be invaluable for those who have a no-compromise approach towards their facility’s solar infrastructure.

The price of the report is Rs 8000 only (135 US $)

Developed by experts who advised The World Bank, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, 10+ Fortune 100 Companies, Reliance, Vedanta, MNRE,many state governments and more.




  1. Trends in Solar – India and International
    1. 1.1 Status of Rooftop Solar – India and International
  2. Rooftop Solar – Spectrum of Benefits 
  3. Rooftop Solar Power – Myths vs. Reality
    1. 3.1 Can rooftop solar replace all my diesel consumption?
    2. 3.2 Is solar power expensive?
    3. 3.3 Can rooftop solar provide power during load shedding?
  4. How quickly Rooftop Solar can be set up on Rooftop
  5. Government Policies and Incentives for Rooftop Solar
    1. 5.1 Impact of Accelerated Depreciation on Solar Plant Cost
  6. Other Benefits of Rooftop Solar 
  7. Steps to Get Rooftop Solar on Your Facility 
  8. Parameters for a good Quality Solar System
    1. Critical Parameters and their Values and Standard Compliances of
      • Panels/Modules
      • Inverters
      • Mounting Structures
      • Batteries
      • Cables
      • Connectors
      • Junction Boxes
  9. Conclusion 
  10. Solar Mango Assistance for Premium Rooftop Solar Plants
  11. Takeaways

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The price of the report is Rs 8000 only (135 US $)

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