Rooftop Solar for Colleges Report

Definitive guide for all colleges keen on having rooftop solar power plants –benefits, case studies, investments, constraints and more



Rooftop solar power is a revolution that is sweeping across the country and the world. India isparticularly well suited to solar power due to its high solar radiation and generation potential.Backed by favourable policies and generous incentives, India is all set to be one of the largestgenerators of solar power in the world.

The recent boom in this sector has significant socio-economic implications for India, from jobcreation to empowerment of people in energy-starved regions of the country. Distributedgeneration – primarily rooftop solar PV power plants – will play a prominent role in bringing solarpower both to regions that have little to no grid power, and to developed urban centres that have grid power but not enough to support their rapid expansion.

Colleges and other educational institutions will play a vital role in this transformation, not only increating awareness about solar energy amongst their students, but also by utilising rooftop solarpower to demonstrate that they are already part of the future. The benefits to the institution, itsfaculty, students, and to society at large are enormous which is why many of India’s most famouseducational institutions have already deployed large rooftop solar power plants on their rooftops.

As a leader in your college, you will certainly want to have a solar plant on your rooftop, but alsohave several questions on what you can realistically expect from your solar plant, and how to goabout getting a high quality, reliable rooftop solar solution. This report from Solar Mangoanswers these and other questions based on our work with educational institutions.


This is a definitive guide from Solar Mango, the #1 Guide for Rooftop Solar, for colleges keen on having a rooftop solar plant and generating power from their own rooftops.

The price of the report is Rs 5000 only (85 US $)

Developed by experts who advised The World Bank, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, 10+ Fortune 100 Companies, Reliance, Vedanta, MNRE,many state governments and more.




  1. Colleges and their Power Requirements
  2. Benefits of using Solar Power for Colleges
  3. Constraints of using Solar Power for Colleges
  4. Analysis
    1. 4.1 Percentage of power needs that can be satisfied by rooftop solar
    2. 4.2 Power generated by solar panels
    3. 4.3 Cost of a good quality rooftop solar system
    4. 4.4 Economics of using rooftop solar power instead of grid power
    5. 4.5 Roof Area required for solar plant
    6. 4.6 Power loads in College that rooftop solar can support
    7. 4.7 Technology Alternatives available in rooftop solar
    8. 4.8 Use of Batteries
    9. 4.9 Operation and Maintenance
  5. Excess Solar Generated/Net Metering
  6. Choosing a High Quality Vendor for Rooftop Power Plant
  7. Educational Institutes Tariffand UGC Fund Details
  8. Added Benefit- Solar Trainings and Research
  9. Case Studies
  10. Takeaways


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