Solar Profits- A Comprehensive Expert Guide for SMEs

How Indian Small Biz & Entrepreneurs Can Benefit from the Solar Energy Revolution?


Latest installations and statistics on PV and CSP in India and around the world

Business opportunities in solar energy are possible with investments of just a few lakhs. Thus, tens of thousands of small businesses could benefit by getting into this emerging and fast growth sector

Solar Profits from Solar Mango is the only comprehensive expert guide for small and medium businesses keen on benefiting from the exploding growing solar energy sector in India.

Solar is a $100 billion (6 lakh crore) business revolution in India. Make sure you benefit from this opportunity.The explosive growth of the solar sector in India has had many large and small businesses consider entering the solar space.Key decision makers in large corporates, millions of small businesses and enterprising individuals are exploring the best ways to enter the solar energy sector. Most of the limelight so far has been on utility scale (MW) power generation. With emphasis shifting beyond just power plants, other parts of the solar PV value chain are coming into focus.With the increasing thrust of central and state governments to increase solar power deployment multi-fold in the next five years, the opportunities are enormous. The Solar Profits Expert Guide from EAI examines the different segments of the solar PV value chain and evaluates the opportunities and risks present in each.The objective is to provide decision makers the framework and supporting data to enable them analyse the sector better and make wiser investment decisions. We have structured the guide such that a range of businesses – from large to small – can derive insights from it.Each of the value chain component/sector is analysed on the following parameters:
  • Opportunity spectrum and trends
  • Competitive landscape
  • Investments required
  • Payback and returns
  • Margins
  • Risks and constraints

Who Will Benefit from this Expert Guide?

Startups & Entrepreneurs – for startups & entrepreneurs keen on the fast growing solar energy sector, it is vital to be aware of the complete range of opportunities, and identify ones most suitable before they make their first moves. The Solar Profits guide is the only guide that can provide them these insights, through exclusive sections on innovative and emerging opportunities in the solar energy sector.

Small Businesses – a number of interesting niche opportunities are available within the solar energy sector for micro and small businesses, including in the fast growing area of off-grid solar power, but information about these are scarce. This expert guide, for the first time, puts together insights on all these opportunities at one place

Corporates – Large business opportunities are also opening up in the solar energy sector, be they in manufacturing or in power plant development. This expert guide provides insights on these opportunities as well.

Financial Investors – By providing concise inputs in terms of market growth potential, indicative costs and returns for the entire spectrum of solar energy opportunities, this is an invaluable guide for the financial sector to identify attractive investment opportunities.

Consultants – By providing an enormous amount of wisdom on market segments, growth potential and business models for the entire spectrum of solar energy opportunities in one place, this expert guide is a must-have for consultants keen on understanding this sector.

Government Organizations & NGOs – Solar, especially off-grid solar, has the potential to make a significant difference to the underprivileged and bottom-of-pyramid segments of the society. By providing detailed inputs on a range of off-grid solar products and their business models, Solar Profits becomes a useful guide for these stakeholders.

Why Should You Purchase this Expert Guide?

If you are looking to enter the fast-growing solar energy sector, this guide is the best first step. The following are what businesses will get to know after reading Solar Profits:

Learn about Different Types of Solar Sector Opportunities – In manufacturing, services and support solutions Get Insights on the Entire Solar Energy Business Value Chain– A thorough understanding of each component of the solar energy value chain and the components.

Identify High Growth Solar Energy Market Segments – Includes insights on emerging and niche segments

Evaluate Different Business Models – Strategic inputs on the drivers, constraints and business models for each type of solar business opportunity

Know about Costs and Returns – Investments required for the various opportunities, and inputs on profit margins and payback periods

Learn from Other Case Studies – Insights on how some of the successful businesses and entrepreneurs built their solar energy businesses.

Become Aware of Government Incentives – Government incentives and subsidies applicable for the various types of solar business opportunities, both at state and central levels



Developed by experts who advised The World Bank, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, 10+ Fortune 100 Companies, Reliance, Vedanta, MNRE,many state governments and more.


Solar Profits – List of Contents

Solar Profits, the first comprehensive guide anywhere in the world on opportunities in the entire solar power sector, provides insights in four sections:


  • 1.1 Introduction
    1. Solar PV – Growth and Trends
      1. India’s Unique Proposition
    2. Solar PV Components
      1. Inverters
      2. Mounting Structures
      3. Balance of System
    3. PV Value Chain – Value Addition by Manufacturing Stage
    4. Solar PV Technologies
    5. Overview of Solar Value Chain
  • 1.2 Manufacturing Opportunities
    1. Indian Solar PV Manufacturing Overview
      1. Drivers for PV Manufacturing in India
      2. Solar Manufacturing – Raw Material Processing
      3. Solar Manufacturing – Intermediate
      4. Solar Manufacturing – Finished Products
    2. Key Takeaways
  • 1.3 Service Opportunities
    1. Power Generation
    2. Design & Implementation
      1. Utility Scale – Engineering Procurement Construction (EPC)
      2. Rooftop – System Integrators
    3. Key Takeaways
  • 1.4 Other Solutions
    1. Operations & Maintenance (O&M)
    2. Owner’s Engineer
    3. Financing
    4. Support Services


  1. 2.1 Introduction to Solar Thermal
    1. Using the Heat of the Sun
  1. 2.2 Solar Thermal for Heating Applications
    1. Market Overview
    2. Technology Overview
      1. Low Temperature Solar Thermal
      2. Medium Temperature Solar Thermal Applications
      3. High Temperature Solar Thermal Applications
    3. Emerging Opportunities in Solar Thermal– Refrigeration & AC

    Summary of Solar Thermal Based Heating

  1. 2.3 Business Opportunities in Solar Thermal


  1. 2.4 Solar Thermal – Power Applications
    1. CSP Vital Statistics
    2. CSP Advantages over Solar PV and Wind
    3. Types of Concentrating Solar Power Plants
    4. Storage for Concentrating Solar Power
    5. Highlights of CSP
      1. CSP Global Trends
      2. Global CSP Capacity
      3. Indian CSP Installations
      4. Prominent CSP Projects Worldwide
      5. Highlights Prominent Global CSP Prs
      6. R&D in CSP
      7. Business Opportunities in CSP
  1. 2.5 Solar Products – Thermal
    1. Solar Cookers
    2. Solar Water Heaters
    3. Large Area Solar Dish Concentrator for Process Heat
    4. Solar Thermal Air-Conditioning
  1. 2.6 Market Status
    1. Installed Capacity
    2. Highlights and Takeaways for Solar Thermal Products


3.1. Off-grid Renewable Energy in India

  1. Key Takeaways

3.2 Introduction to Solar Off-Grid Applications and Products

  1. Solar PV Systems
  2. Solar PV Products
  3. Solar Street Lighting
  4. Solar Home Systems
  5. Solar Lanterns
  6. Solar Pumps
  7. Emerging Solar PV Applications and Products
  8. Market Status
    1. Installed Capacity
    2. Future Outlook
  9. Off-grid Solar Products-Key Takeaways
  10. Drivers of Off-grid Solar Market Growth
    1. Lagging Grid Growth
    2. Price Trends
    3. Technology and Design Innovation
    4. Kerosene Prices
    5. Growth Economics
    6. Rural Electrification
  11. Challenges and Bottlenecks for Off-grid Solar Industry
  12. Key Aspects to Consider
    1. Costs
    2. Technology Differentiation
    3. Central & Regional Policies and Mandates
    4. Value Chain & Key Industry Segments
    5. Business Model and Marketing Strategy
  13. Analysis of the Attractiveness of Off-grid Sector
    1. SWOT Analysis
  14. Off-grid Solar Drivers & Challenges – Key Takeaways
  1. 3.3 Off-grid Products Business Value Chain Analysis
    1. Solar Off-grid Products Value Chain
      1. Manufacturing Opportunities
      2. Trading &Service Opportunities
    2. Prominent Companies in the Various Stages of Off-grid Solar Products
      1. Kotak Urja Pvt Ltd.
      2. TATA Power Solar India Ltd
      3. SELCO Solar Pvt. Ltd
      4. D.Light Design Inc
      5. Solkar Solar Industry Ltd
      6. Aspiration Energy
    3. Off-grid Solar Opportunities – Key Takeaways
  1. 3.4 Government Initiatives/ Programs to Support Off-Grid Renewable Energy Deployment
    1. Remote Village Electrification Programme
    2. Subsidies/Incentives under National Solar Mission
    3. Tax Incentives for Solar Products
    4. Akshay Urja Shops
    5. Key Takeaways
    6. Identification of Attractive Off-grid Segments
      1. Going Green
      2. Remote and Rural Markets
      3. Government Policies
      4. Understanding Local Mindset
      5. Energy Self-Dependence and Freedom from Grid Connectivity
      6. Demographic and Geographic Profile
    7. Opportunities in Various Off-grid Applications
      1. Telecommunication Sector
      2. Common Service Centres
      3. ATMs
      4. Water Pumping Systems
      5. Large Commercial Buildings/Facilities
      6. On-shore and Off-shore Oil & Gas
      7. Desalination
      8. Remote Monitoring Stations
      9. Cathodic Protection
    8. Understanding the Role of NGOs
    9. Attractive Segments for Off-grid Solar – Key Takeaways
    10. Key Takeaways


  1. 4.1 Basics of Rooftop Solar PV
    1. Stand Alone PV Systems
    2. Hybrid Systems
    3. Residential Rooftops
    4. Commercial Rooftops
    5. Captive Industrial Solar Power
  1. 4.2 Drivers & Challenges for Rooftop Power Generation
    1. Rooftop Solar – Size and Scale of Opportunity
    2. Two Key Segments for Rooftop Solar
    3. Key Drivers for Rooftop Solar Power in India
    4. Key Challenges for Rooftop Solar Power Plants in India
    5. List of Challenges in Rooftop Solar Marketing and Customer Acquisition
    6. Rooftop Solar Drivers & Challenges – Key Takeaways
  1. 4.3 Cost Economics of Solar Rooftop
    1. Component cost of rooftop PV systems
    2. Incentives/Subsidies
      1. Accelerated Depreciation (AD)
      2. MNRE Subsidy
      3. Final cost of Rooftop PV system factoring in AD and Subsidies
    3. Economics of Rooftop Solar – Key Takeaways
  1. 4.4 Marketing Strategies for Rooftop Solar
    1. Types of Customers
      1. End Users
      2. EPCs & System Integrators
      3. OEMs & Suppliers
    2. Needs of Customers
    3. Nature of Competition
  1. 4.5 Attractive Segments
    1. Attractive Segments for Residential Rooftop Solar Sector
    2. Attractive Segments for Industrial Rooftop Solar Power Sector
  1. 4.6 Technology innovations
    1. Non-penetrating mounting structures
    2. Elevated mounting structures
    3. East-West layout
    4. Diesel substitution
    5. Critical load support
    6. BIPV
    7. Concentrating Solar PV
    8. Powerwall
    9. Community Owned Solar
    10. Wind- Hybrid System
    11. Solar Smart Grids
  1. 4.7 Commercial innovations
    1. Build Own Operate (Transfer) – BOO(T)


  1. 5.1 Status of MW Solar Power Plants in India
    1. Prominent Developers
    2. Non-Developer Stakeholders
    3. Key Takeaways
  1. 5.2 Business Models for MW Scale Solar PV
    1. Sale to Utility
    2. Sale to Private Consumer
    3. Captive Consumption
    4. Key Customer Segments for MW Scale Power Plants
    5. Developers
    6. EPCs
    7. OEMs
    8. Others
    9. Needs of Customers
    10. Competitor Scenario for MW Solar Power Plants
  1. 5.3 Drivers & Challenges for MW Scale Power Generation in India
    1. Drivers for MW Solar Power Plants
      1. Driver 1 – Central & State Policies
      2. Driver 2 – Increasing Cost of Conventional Power
      3. Driver 3 – Decreasing Cost of Solar Power
    2. Challenges for MW Scale Solar Power Plants
      1. Reverse Bidding and Low “Market Discovered” Prices
      2. Delay in Policy Implementation
      3. Financial Closure
      4. High Interest Rates
  1. 5.4 Financing Options in India
    1. Overview
  1. 5.5 Marketing & Go-to Market Strategies for MW Solar SECTION 5 – SUMMARY & HIGHLIGHTS


  1. 6.1 Indian Solar Entrepreneurs
    1. EPCs
      1. Vikram Solar
      2. Sterling & Wilson
      3. Refex Energy
      4. Tata Power Solar
      1. MeraGao Power
      2. Nature Infratech
      1. Solar Mounting Structure Manufacturing
      2. Inverter Manufacturing
      3. Panel Manufacturing
      4. Solar Cables Manufacturing
      5. Solar Batteries Manufacturing
      6. Trackers Manufacturing
      7. Others
  1. 6.2 International Solar Entrepreneurs
      1. Gridmates
      2. PVComplete
      3. Savenia Home Ratings
      4. Solar Site Design
      5. UtilityAPI
      6. Sunrun
      7. EnergySage
      1. SolarCity Acquisition of Silevo
      2. Chinese-owned Elkem Acquires REC Solar
      3. Havells India to Acquire Promtec Renewable Energy Solutions
      4. Avigo-backed Tecpro Systems Acquires EverSun Energy
      5. Swelect Acquires HHV Solar
      1. Solar Energy International (SEI)
      2. The European Energy Centre (EEC)
      3. SolPowerPeople, Inc.


  1. 7.1 Solar Powered Coach
  2. 7.2 Coloured Solar Panels
  3. 7.3 Solar Powered ATMs
  4. 7.4 Solar Powered Telecom Towers
  5. 7.5 Solar Grill/Cookers(based on thermal battery)
  6. 7.6 Solar Powered Food Cart
  7. 7.7 Solar Powered Drones
  8. 7.8 Advanced Solar Storage/Smart Battery
  9. 7.9 Swarm Solar
  10. 7.10 Mobile Solar Powered Homes
  11. 7.11 Solar Trees
  12. 7.12 Solar Powered Rickshaw
  13. 7.13 Solar Powered Boats
  14. 7.14 Solar Powered Autonomous Cleaning Devices/Robots
  15. 7.15 Solar Food Dehydrator
  16. 7.16 Solar Powered Bio Toilets
  17. 7.17 Solar Sails
  18. 7.18 Solar Powered Algae Control
  19. 7.19 Solar Powered Internet of Things (IOT)
  21. Overview of Other Solar Opportunities


  1. Top Criteria employed by developers to choose EPCs
  2. Prominent companies serving the MW Solar sector
  3. Prominent EPC companies serving the Rooftop Solar sector
  4. Emerging Off-grid Solutions – International Solar Apex Bodies & Organisations in India and their Roles IITs Involved in Solar Research

Solar Mango Services for the Solar Power Sector+

  1. MW Scale Solar Power Plants
  2. Rooftop Solar Power Plants
  3. Diversifying into Solar
  4. EAI’s Cleantech Consulting


Table 1: Polysilicon Manufacturing – Opportunity Analysis Table 2: Ingot & Wafer Manufacturing – Opportunity Analysis Table 3: Cell Manufacturing – Opportunity Analysis Table 4: Solar Glass Manufacturing – Opportunity Analysis Table 5: Crystalline Module Manufacturing – Opportunity Analysis Table 6: Comparison of PV Material (Thin-Film) Table 7: Thin-Film Module Manufacturing – Opportunity Analysis Table 8: Inverter Manufacturing – Opportunity Analysis Table 9: Monitoring Systems Development – Opportunity Analysis Table 10: Mounting Structures Manufacturing – Opportunity Analysis Table 11: Balance of System Manufacturing – Opportunity Analysis Table 12: Solar Power Generation – Opportunity Analysis Table 13: EPC Services – Opportunity Analysis Table 14: System Integration – Opportunity Analysis Table 15: IT Solutions – Opportunity Analysis Table 16: Plant O&M – Opportunity analysis Table 17: Owner’s Engineer – Opportunity Analysis Table 18: Financing – Opportunity Analysis Table 19: Support Services – Opportunity Analysis Table 20: Solar Value Chain Opportunity Analysis – Summary Table 21: Classes of Solar Thermal Table 22: Current Status of CSP Projects in India Table 23: Off-grid Product Manufacturing – Opportunity Analysis Table 24: Solar Product Trading – Opportunity Analysis Table 25: Solar Products – Tax Incentives Table 26: Sample State-City grid tariff comparison (Rs./kWh) Table 27: Rooftop Solar Marketing& Customer Acquisition – Challenges Table 28: Component Cost of a 1 kW PV Plant Table 29: Tax Savings from Accelerated Depreciation Table 30: Savings from Capital Subsidy (15% & 30%) Table 31: Cost of 1 kW PV Plant after AD and Subsidies Table 32: ROOFTOP SOLAR – CUSTOMER NEEDS BY SEGMENT Table 33: Rooftop Solar – Nature of Competition by Segment Table 34: Commissioned Capacity by State/Union Territory as of 29.05.2015 Table 35: MW Solar Stakeholder Needs Table 36: MW Solar – Competitor Scenario Table 37: Solar Tariff for Different States


Figure 1: Solar Business Ecosystem Figure 2: Solar Irradiation Map of India Figure 3: Growth in PV Installations – India Figure 4: Growth in PV Installations – International Figure 5: Grid Tied System Figure 6: Off Grid System Figure 7: Hybrid System Figure 8: Module Costs Figure 9: Market Share of Solar PV Technologies Figure 10: Solar PV Value Chain Figure 11: Polysilicon Manufacturing Process Figure 12: Ingots and Wafers Manufacturing Process Figure 13: PV Cell Manufacturing Process (Crystalline Silicon) Figure 14: PV Cell Manufacturing Process (Thin-Film) Figure 15: Solar Thermal Business Ecosystem Figure 17: Concentrating Solar Thermal Power Global Capacity 1984-2012 Figure 18: Worldwide PV and CSP Installation Figure 20: Solar Water Heaters (millions of m2 of collector area) Figure 21: No. of Box Type Solar Cookers Figure 22: Off-grid/Captive Installations (MW) Figure 23: MW of Rooftop Solar Plants under 100 kW (Self Consumption) Figure 24: No. of Solar Water Pumps Commissioned Figure 25: No. of Solar Home Lighting Systems Commissioned Figure 26: No. of Solar Lanterns Distributed/Sold Figure 27: SWOT Analysis for Off-Grid Sector Figure 28: Solar Off-Grid Products Value Chain Figure 29: Schematic Of Solar-Diesel Hybrid Figure 30: Diesel Prices from 2002 to 2015 Figure 31: Business Models for MW Scale Solar Figure 32: Utility Scale Solar – Key Customer Segments Figure 33: Sources of Funds for MW Scale Solar Plants


Prominent Product and Solution Opportunities Discussed in the Solar Profits Guide

Core Solar Solutions & Components

  • Solar Cells
    • Crystalline Solar Cells
    • Thin Film Solar Cells
  • Solar Modules
  • Solar Inverters
  • SCADA &Solar Monitoring Systems
  • Solar Mounting Structures
  • Batteries
  • Inverters
  • Central Inverters
    • String Inverters
    • Micro-inverters
  • Trackers
    • Single-axis Trackers
    • Dual-axis Trackers
  • Charge Controllers
  • Solar Trackers
  • Emerging Technologies such as CPV
  • Panel Sub-components
    • Solar Glass

Electricals & Related


  • Solar Junction boxes
  • DC Distribution Boxes
  • AC Distribution Boxes
  • AC Isolator Boxes
  • AC Metering Panel
  • AC Cables
  • DC Cables
  • Disconnects/switches
  • Earthing Kit
  • Cables
  • Fuses & Surge Protection Devices
  • Meters
  • Connectors
  • Transformers
  • Switchgears

Off-grid Solar Products

  • Solar Water Heaters
  • Solar Power Packs for Homes
  • Solar Lanterns
  • Solar Streetlights
  • Solar Mobile Chargers
  • Solar Water Pumps

Other Support Services

  • Assistance in Getting Permits, Approvals and Licensing
  • Land Brokers
  • Legal Assistance for MW solar power plants
  • Owners Engineers
  • Solar Power Plant Logistics Solutions
  • Financial Feasibility Analysis
  • Owners Engineers


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