Rooftop Solar Advisor Report


The Complete Guide to Putting Up a Rooftop Solar Power Plant on Commercial and Industrial Establishments

Rooftop solar power is being increasingly embraced by commercial, industrial, and residential consumers as a significant contributor to their energy mix because it combines

  • On-site generation of power
  • Utilising unused rooftop space
  • Reasonable cost

Generating power on-site frees the consumer from being at the mercy of grid failures and even load shedding as the solar plant is not dependant on grid infrastructure to deliver its power to the load. In this sense a solar plant is similar to a diesel generator, but without the associated noise and emissions.

Rooftop space is often left unutilised in many establishments; installing a solar plant on the roof is a great way to derive additional value from your building.

Solar power may be cheaper than even grid power for some consumers; it is much cheaper than diesel power for all consumers, and offers the added advantage of fixing the cost of power for the next 25 years.

In addition, solar plants have no moving parts and are therefore very reliable, requiring minimal maintenance expenditure or downtime.


The Rooftop Solar Advisor from Solar Mango is the definitive report for Indian industries and commercial establishments keen on installing rooftop solar power plants.

The price of the report is 6500/- only (110US $)



List of Contents


1. Reasons for Industrial/Commercial sector and Domestics Going for Rooftops

1.1 Unreliable supply of grid power

1.2 Cost of Power

1.2.1 Industrial/Energy Consumers

1.2.2 Residential Consumers

1.2.3 Grid Tariffs in Indian Cities for Industrial, Commercial, and Residential consumers

1.2.4 Very high cost of diesel power

1.3 Issues to be considered

1.3.1 For industrial/commercial consumers

1.3.2 For residential consumers

2. Simple Steps for You to Have Your Own Solar Rooftop

2.1 Lay down the purpose for which the solar plant is desired

2.2 Estimate the amount of energy required from the solar plant

2.3 Identify the amount of shade-free rooftop area available/required for installation

2.3.1 Factors affecting roof area required by rooftop solar PV plants

2.3.2 Other considerations

2.4 Speak to vendors and obtain quotations for your requirement

2.5 Evaluate vendor quotations based on price, warranties, and vendor credentials before finalising the vendor

2.5.1 Price

2.5.2 Warranties

3. Cost Economics of Solar Rooftop

3.1 Component cost of rooftop PV systems

3.2 Incentives/Subsidies

3.2.1 Accelerated Depreciation (AD)

3.2.2 MNRE Subsidy

3.3 Final cost of Rooftop PV system factoring in AD and Subsidies

3.4 Variations in pricing

4. Components of a rooftop solar system

4.1 Basics of rooftop Solar PV

4.2 Components of a rooftop solar PV plant

4.2.1 PV modules (panels)

4.2.2 Inverters

4.2.3 Mounting structures

4.2.4 Batteries

4.2.5 Charge Controllers

4.3 Maintenance of rooftop solar PV systems

4.4 How long does it take to install a rooftop PV system

5. Best Regions for Solar Rooftops

5.1 Factors affecting rooftop solar plant output

5.1.1 Location

5.1.2 Orientation

5.1.3 Ambient Temperature

5.2 Approximation of PV plant output

5.2.1 PV plant outputs in different states for different roof areas

6 Innovations in Rooftop Solar

6.1 Technology innovations

6.1.1 Non-penetrating mounting structures

6.1.2 Elevated mounting structures

6.1.3 East-West layout

6.1.4 Diesel substitution

6.1.5 Critical load support

6.2 Commercial innovations

6.2.1 Build Own Operate (Transfer) – BOO(T)

7. Warranties and Certifications

7.1 Typical Warranties and Certifications

7.1.1 Solar Panels

7.1.2 Inverters

7.1.3 Mounting structures

7.1.4 Batteries

7.1.5 Charge Controller/MPPT units

7.1.6 Cables

7.1.7 Junction Boxes/Enclosures for Inverters/Charge Controllers/Luminaries

7.2 Expected lifetime of rooftop PV plant components

7.2.1 Examples of component failure

8. Prominent Solar Rooftops

9. About Solar Mango


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The price of the report is 6500/- only (110 US $)


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