Solar for the CEO – Free Whitepaper from Solar Mango

Solar for the CEO – Free Whitepaper from Solar Mango solar power has exploded in India, with 270 MW of plants installed across the country. The government has announced ambitious plans of increasing this to 40,000 MW by 2022. The power starved industrial and commercial sectors are understandably excited by the prospect of generating electricity right from their rooftops, with free energy from the sun.

CXOs, Vice Presidents, and other members of the senior-most levels of management are also interested in evaluating the strategic aspects of investing in rooftop solar power. Is the value derived from rooftop solar merely measured in terms of units of electricity obtained, or can greater value be unlocked from clean energy generated on-site?

Solar for the CEO – The Big Picture on Rooftop Solar for your Enterprise is a free whitepaper from Solar Mango aimed at answering this question. Based on our experience working with founders and chief executives across companies in various sectors, this document provides a quick yet comprehensive view on rooftop solar power as seen from the CEO’s desk.

This whitepaper examines

  • Rooftop solar across the world and why you cannot afford to be left out
  • Direct/indirect, tangible/intangible, bottom-line/top line benefits of choosing to go solar
  • Myths and the reality of rooftop solar power
  • Obtaining a reliable, high quality rooftop solar plant
    • Incentives available
    • Time to install
    • Finalising the vendor

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