Free Rooftop Solar White Papers from Solar Mango

Free Rooftop Solar White Papers from Solar Mango


1. Whitepapers

Industrial Rooftop Solar Whitepaper
Authored by Solar Mango’s expert team, our white papers are designed to assist industrial and commercial energy consumers get the best rooftop solar plants for their requirements.

Download our free white papers here. We hope you find them useful.


Solar for the CEO

Solar for Colleges

Solar for the CEO

Solar PV Manufacturing

Solar Business Opportunities

Solar for Colleges

Diesel to Solar

Solar PV Value Chain


Residential Rooftop Solar Whitepaper


Rooftop Solar – Does it make sense for Residences?

2. Free Sample Solar Reports


India MW Solar Advisor

An in-depth guide for those keen on investing in MW scale solar power plants in India

Solar Profits Report

World’s first report that explores the entire breadth of business opportunities available in solar PV, with a special focus on small and medium businesses

Rooftop Solar Advisor

An effective advisory that guides industrial and commercial enterprises keen on having solar power from their rooftops

Solar EPC Blue Print

Use Solar Mango’s India Solar EPC Blueprint to understand everything about this fast-growing opportunity.


3. Solar Mango News Android App

The Solar Mango Global News app is an automated aggregation of news snippets on solar energy and solar power from over 20 leading solar related publications and blogs.

This simple app gives you the most important solar news items from around the world, every day. It will be useful for everyone connected with the solar energy industry, as they get to know the global solar highlights in just a few minutes.

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