Enclosures for Solar Projects – Opportunities and Possibilities

Choosing the right panels and inverters might seem like the most important factor in assembling a great solar project. But equal attention should be paid to the enclosure housing all the important electrical components. If they’re not protected from the elements, then the solar project won’t function.

This interesting article from Solar Power World dwells on this important topic of enclosures.

What’s of interest is the range of possibilities within these enclosure structures:

“Enclosures can be made of metal or nonmetallic materials (like thermoplastics and composites). While metal enclosures have been in the industry the longest, nonmetallic enclosures are making strides at market dominance. Metallic enclosures aren’t ideal for every outdoor application (stainless steel can rust, and aluminum can easily break down), but nonmetallic materials offer several advantages for almost any environment.”\

Just imagine the differentiation possibilities!

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