Integrated Financial and Technical Services for PV Power Plants

Here is an interesting solution for a clear need. This solution is a combination of technical and financial risk assessment for solar PV power projects.
The problem that is tacked is as follows: Solar PV projects worldwide must demonstrate a high level of quality and performance that can be relied on by investors, commercial banks and insurance companies. Project developers need to have access to a clearly structured and well-defined integrated service that comprehensively covers the myriad of financial and technical aspects of a project that must be taken into consideration.
Allianz Climate Solutions, the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems (ISE), and the VDE Testing and Certification Institute (VDE Institute) have entered into a partnership to offer integrated financial and technical services for PV power plants.
The goal is to assess risks and certify the project for ‘investability’, ‘bankability’ and ‘insurability’.
This is how the solution goes.

It is a comprehensive project risk assessment and complete certification for the entire PV system. The risk assessment covers project risks during the construction and operational phase. For instance, technical risks of components, financial risks related to the financing structure, key project contracts and risks resulting from the regulatory environment are analyzed. The PV system certification process includes over 300 technical pass/fail criteria that cover the entire project development cycle from design to execution and start of operation. The certification process takes a holistic view of all stakeholder requirements, which also allows the quality assurance process of the project to be streamlined from a cost and effort perspective.

Through this combination, the integrated service for PV projects ensures that risks are well documented and that the safety, performance and quality of the PV system are validated.
An interesting solution indeed, covering a specific but well-felt need.
Source: PV Tech