India Solar Civil Engineer Jobs

India Solar Civil Engineer Jobs

Civil Engineering, the second oldest engineering discipline is essential for the success of any solar project. Civil engineers are instrumental in the planning, analysis and design of ground mounted and rooftop solar installations. They must ensure that the project is executed in a quality manner that is safe for the environment, surrounding areas and all workers.

Owing to the fact that solar installation itself is mainly an infrastructure and construction activity, civil engineers definitely play a significant role in the current fast pace growth of solar in the country.

Solar Project Engineer Job Summary

A ground mounted solar installation involves a lot of civil engineering activities such as substation construction, inverter room construction, installing mounting structures etc. A Solar Civil Engineer’s responsibility is to design and implement robust civil infrastructure that will support all the electrical infrastructure for 25 years and more.

Job Description

A Solar Civil Engineer’s job has two prime responsibilities. They are:

  • Design, Estimation and costing of Civil & steel structural works
  • Site Execution of civil work within the time frame and within the Budget.

Depending on the specific position and role, your job will involve some or all of the following:

  • Inspecting field sites to observe, evaluate condition, operability of facilities and structures, and to collect field survey data and measurements.
  • To check the drawings provided by various design consultants and integrate in the project.
  • Putting together specification and requirements for issue of tenders for civil / structural works contracts.
  • Knowledge of state-of-the-art technical skills in materials & methods in all applicable engineering, architectural & construction areas.
  • To prepare R.C.C drawings for Pile Foundation, Well Foundation, Open Foundation & Raft Foundation.
    • To prepare Staging, shuttering and drawings for Pier Caps.
    • To prepare R.C.C drawings for pedestals for Piers and Piers Cap. Precast Box.
  • Site visit, collection of site data, its analysis and design of structures.
  • Design of underground and surface structures.
  • Execution of Industrial Structures, cooling towers, Power Plant Structures, Pipe Supports, cable Racks, PEB Structures (Both in RCC & Steel).
  • Measuring, recording of work in Measurement book and preparation of bill for Quantity of work.
    • To prepare civil foundations for equipment and TG building.
    • To prepare steel drawings for Boilers, pipe racks and other steel works.
  • Prepare and Daily Progress Report

Typical Qualifications Expected

Educational qualification and experience needed for the Solar Civil Engineer job depends on each company’s requirements.

Most companies look for Diploma/Degree in civil engineering candidates with some experience (typically 2-3 years) in handling solar projects.

Skills Expected

  1. Has knowledge in PVSYST and AutoCAD
  2. Familiar with static and dynamic behaviors’ of structures.
  3. Awareness of relevant I.S & International codes
  4. Project Management Skills

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