India Solar Installation Engineer Jobs

India Solar Installation Engineer Jobs

Solar Installation Engineers form an integral part of the Solar PV Value Chain. A strong engineering team is vital to the success of any solar energy company. From conceptualizing to building and installing solar units, engineers are the life force behind advancements in solar technology. In the years to come, the demand for solar energy will only continue to rise, as will the need for bright, curious new engineers.

From large utility-scale projects to small residential rooftop installations, Solar Engineers are part of the team for plan, design and implement solar projects.

Solar Installation Engineer Job Summary

A Solar Installation Engineer’s job responsibility covers from the time system sizes and configuration have to be evaluated until the commissioning of the project. The person should have basic knowledge of electrical engineering, power distribution and transmission. The Solar Installation Engineer also takes the responsibility of efficient co-ordination between many internal teams such as design, civil engineering and O&M.

Job Description

A typical Solar Installation Engineer’s job will predominantly revolve around following three key responsibilities:

  • Electrical Design and procurement (Mainly Co-ordination)
  • Erection & Commissioning of the solar power system
  • Project Management

Depending on the specific position and role, your job will involve some or all of the following:

  • Co-ordinate with the design team to get all electrical engineering drawings done
  • Managing and Co-ordinating with electrical contractors and technical staff for Technology Selection, System Configuration, Electrical Connection, Distribution and Control Systems, Power Conditioning Systems for solar power plant
  • Responsible for complete project management through the installation, testing and commissioning of the system.
  • Working with the company‘s other engineers and program managers to ensure customers’ needs are met.
  • Develops plans, coordinates and directs the engineering work for a major project, or several smaller, but complex projects, or for the design within a specific discipline.
  • Maintains engineering records, lists and reports as required to ensure compliance with the client’s schedule, adherence to the budget, adherence to procurement specification, or to ensure engineering problems are monitored and resolved.

Typical Qualifications Expected

Educational qualification and experience needed for the solar installation engineer job depends on each company’s requirements.

Companies prefer candidates with some minimum experience, in handling solar PV power projects

An Electrical Engineering degree/diploma will be an added advantage.

Skills Expected

  • Knowledge of CAD, PVSyst
  • National Electrical Code and standard design/construction practices
  • Knowledge of HT Equipment and Transmission line

Other Requirements & Expectations

  • Should be ready for frequent field visits
  • Ability to work in a team and flexibility enough to adapt to unexpected situations
  • Experience in quality assurance & pre dispatch inspections of the electrical goods.
  • Must have the ability to travel, work on-call during off-shift hours

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