India Solar Procurement Manager Jobs

India Solar Procurement Manager Jobs

In general, a procurement manager deals with anything relating to the ordering of materials, services and supplies for the company. Procurement Manager is responsible for the cost effective acquisition of materials and services to meet the company’s project needs.

There is a good demand for this position mostly in solar EPC companies as strategic procurement is one of their necessities to optimize solar project cost.

Solar Procurement Manager Job Summary

A Solar Procurement Manager prime responsibilities include:

  • Establish procurement strategies for acquisition of materials
  • Receiving and tracking of project materials that optimize quality, cost, and timely delivery criteria

Job Description

Depending on the specific position and role, your job will involve some or all of the following:

  • Work collaboratively with the management and design team to coordinate supplier selection, credit and terms, track supplier performance standards, and conduct ongoing evaluation.
  • Conduct research via the Internet, catalogues, trade publications, and trade shows to identify potential suppliers.
  • Interview prospective suppliers either face-to-face or over the phone to determine prices, discounts, terms, etc.
  • Create spreadsheets with vendor & product or service comparisons of prospective suppliers to support management decisions.
  • Prepare, maintain and review purchasing files and records, price lists, the status of requisitions, contracts and orders, locate suppliers, approve bills for payment, monitor subcontractor performance, calculate the cost of orders, ensure invoices are charged to the appropriate accounts, and monitor inventory transfer forms for bookkeeping records.
  • Develop plans for the effective organization and temporary storage of project materials and general inventories at various company and/or independent warehouse locations.
  • Ensure maintenance of accurate records for all stored materials, and the safe, secure and orderly upkeep of company warehouses.
  • Prepare and communicate to the Sales, Design and Construction teams – product availability, lead times, and cost roadmaps for key materials.
  • Monitor and support returns, damage replacements, and warranty claims.

Typical Qualifications Expected

Educational qualification and experience needed for the Solar Procurement Manager job depends on each company’s requirements.

Most companies look for candidates with a Bachelor’s degree and hands-on experience in procurement, logistics and administration in the past (typically 2-3 years).

Skills Expected

  1. Experience in negotiating contracts with suppliers and subcontractors.
  2. Excellent time management skills
  3. Good communication skills – Need to communicate effectively with supervisors and co-workers.
  4. Ability to use MS Office tools

Other Requirements & Expectations

  • Familiarity with solar technology, concepts and materials
  • Self-disciplined and have good organizing abilities
  • Good in prioritizing tasks and co-ordination

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