India Solar Project Engineer Jobs

India Solar Project Engineer Jobs

Solar Project Engineers hold one of the critical positions in any solar EPC company. They are responsible for the installation and complete execution of a solar power plant. They need to co-ordinate with various teams within the company such as procurement, electrical contractors, civil contractors and OEM vendors. Starting with one project engineer per rooftop installation (minimum), the number could increase multiple times for large utility scale power projects. Hence there will always be a good demand for Solar Project Engineer jobs.

Solar Project Engineer Job Summary

A Solar Project Engineer’s role is at supervisory level and responsible for hassle-free solar installation for the customer and benefits from timely execution for the company. Project engineer acts as a nerve centre and co-ordinates with various teams – both internal and external. He is also responsible for transforming the good electrical and civil design on paper – into the actual field.

Job Description

Depending on the specific position and role, your job will involve some or all of the following:

  • Responsible for operational level understanding of the requirement of the client/customer, Site Visits, Site feasibility & Solar Systems Design and complete execution.
  • Able to check site feasibility and provide the best suitable option for enhancing suitability.
  • Designing of arrangements of the solar panels for Rooftop & Ground Mounted & other various supported Electrical equipments & selection of cables for plant including layouts & schematic diagrams and calculation of technical Sizing, BOQ/BOM.
  • Drawing/Document submission/approvals, scheduling, Factory inspections, proving the guaranteed prepared a generalized check list for review of all standard.
  • End to end execution of solar projects (Rooftop & Ground Mounted) and AMC / Service Support.
  • Designing the simulations must have expertise on software like STAAD-PRO, Solid works, etc. and similar simulators and expertise in AutoCAD and related designing tools.
  • Having knowledge of IS & specifications needed for the designing and execution of solar projects.
  • Having knowledge of PV SYST or similar software and should have good knowledge for conducting all essential tests required in entire Solar Project Execution.
  • Maintaining of files and documents as back-up for estimate figures, including current (accurate) information on prices from suppliers through direct contact, sales brochures, price lists.
  • To provide with up-to-date weekly / fortnightly status report .
  • Develop MIS and ability to analyse market data.

Typical Qualifications Expected

Educational qualification and experience needed for the Solar Project Engineer job depends on each company’s requirements.

Most companies look for candidates with some experience (typically 2-4 years) in handling solar projects.

An Electrical Engineering degree will be an added advantage.

Skills Expected

  1. Has knowledge in PVSYST and AutoCAD
  2. Has knowledge in electrical design concepts
  3. Project Management Skills

Other Requirements & Expectations

  • Self-disciplined and have good organizing abilities
  • Good in prioritizing tasks and co-ordination

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