India Solar Tender Executive Jobs

India Solar Tender Executive Jobs

Solar Tender Executives typically provide a support role for the marketing and sales team to gather intelligence on recent and upcoming bids and tenders. They are also involved in preparing all the tender documents and submission of these documents in the stipulated time period.

Solar Tender Executive Job Summary

A Solar Tender Executive’s job is mainly to keep track of all Govt bids and tenders and apply to whichever tender, the company will be eligible upon discussion with the management team. Apart from handling all the transactional details such as preparing all the necessary documents, applying to them and following up, they also will be involved in liasoning with the Government officials to quickly modify and keep track of the tender progress.

Job Description

Depending on the specific position and role, your job will involve some or all of the following:

  • Look out for suitable business opportunities in the form of Government bids and tenders
  • Discuss with the management team to decide upon the opportunities
  • Prepare all tender documents in the specific formats related to the bid
  • Submit the documents in stipulated time limits
  • Coordinate with the respective officials and document the progress of the tender process
  • Handle MIS
  • Reporting documentation on daily basis

Typical Qualifications Expected

Educational qualification and experience needed for the solar Tender executive job depends on each company’s requirements.

Although many companies look for candidates with some experience in handling tenders, most of them are open to fresher candidates too.

Skills Expected

  1. Ability to handle MIS
  2. Proficiency in MS Excel

Other Requirements & Expectations

  • Self-disciplined and have good organizing abilities
  • Good in prioritizing tasks and co-ordination

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