A picture of the Ecocapsule that will be out in the market soon, released by Nice Architects

At Sun is Fun, we are indeed having a fun time covering all that’s cool in solar. While many of the cool ideas in solar are in the lab stage (which means it might take quite some time before we see them working), there are some already out in the market or will soon be.

The Off-grid Ecocapsule comprising both a cute micro-wind turbine and solar cells, belongs to the latter category. For those of you willing to experiment with a sustainable home that is cute and sexy, your wait might soon be over!

Ecocapsule is an aesthetic looking off-grid home, powered by solar cells and complemented by a built-in wind turbine. This dual power system and a high-capacity battery ensure that you will have enough power during periods of reduced solar or wind activity.

This ecocapsule is not just about sustainable energy alone, it is also about sustainability of other natural resources.

Its optimized spherical shape enhances the collection of rainwater and dew and the built-in water filters allow you to utilize any water source.

And on specifics, this is what Nice Architects (they are nice guys indeed for coming up with something like this), have to say:

“The body of an Ecocapsule is covered with 2.6 m2 of high-efficiency solar cells and a retractable pole holding a 750 W wind turbine is further attached to the body. This creates an energy system that can support you for almost an entire year in many off-grid locations.
Ecocapsule fits into a standard shipping container and no special preparations and precautions are necessary to transport Ecocapsule worldwide. It can be shipped, airlifted, towed or even pulled by a pack animal.”

Now, if you thought it was just the exterior, and that you would have to do with some rather spartan living conditions inside this sexy home, you are in for a pleasant surprise once more.


Now, if only I may make a suggestion to Nice Architects. Should they also experiment with vertical axis wind turbine instead of horizontal alone?

VAWTs look even more aesthetic and for certain environments, could generate more power. Products such as the SolarMill from companies such as WindStream for instance might give them ideas

The cool-looking SolarMill