Here’s a BIG list of useful tools, calculators, estimators and illustrators for solar power plants – both rooftop and ground mounted.

Hope you find these useful and interesting.


  • Wish to Know How Much Rooftop Solar Can Satisfy Your Electricity Needs? – Here
  • Get to know the cost of Rooftop Solar – Solar calculator for Industrial/Commercial consumers – Here
  • Calculate the % of your energy consumption per month that can be supplied by rooftop solar – Here
  • Calculate solar panel capacity for your electrical loads – Here
  • Calculate the roof area required for your solar plant – Here
  • Solar Panel Efficiency at Ambient Temperature – Here
  • Calculate the reduction in carbon emissions from using solar power – Here
  • Calculate energy savings from replacing existing lights with LED lights – Here


  • Estimate Solar Power Generation from Your Rooftop – Here
  • How Component Selection Affects Power Plant Performance – Here
  • How to Choose the Best Panel? – Here
  • Selecting the right EPC/Installer – Here
  • How to make sure you get what has been promised by your installer – Here


Checklists & Road Maps

  • Checklist for Choosing Solar Panels – Here
  • Checklist for Choosing an Inverter – Here
  • Checklist for Choosing Batteries for Solar Power System – Here
  • Implementing MW Solar Power Plants – A Roadmap – Here

Rooftop Solar – Estimates and Estimators

  • What factors affect the roof area required for solar power plants? Here
  • How Much Electricity Does a Rooftop Solar PV System Generate? – Here
  • What are the Warranties and Certifications I should look for in my rooftop PV system? – Here
  • What is the capacity of the rooftop solar power system I require for my facility? – Here
  • Rooftop Solar – Does it make sense for Residences? – Here
  • Rooftop Solar for Industrial & Commercial Sectors – Here
  • Can My Roof Bear the Weight of Solar Panels? – Here
  • How Much Do Batteries Cost for Rooftop Solar Power Plants? – Here
  • Can My House Work 100% on Solar? – Here
  • What is the Payback Period of Rooftop Solar PV Systems? – Here
  • How Much Do Batteries Cost for Rooftop Solar Power Plants? – Here

Solar Panels – Estimates & Estimators

  • How Much Electricity will a Solar Panel Generate in a Year? – Here
  • Are There Ratings Available for Solar Panels? – Here
  • What are the Main Parameters I Should Evaluate Solar Panels before Purchase? – Here
  • How Does a Linear Performance Guarantee Works for Solar Panels? – Here
  • How Does a Standard Performance Guarantee Work for Solar Panels? – Here
  • What Types of Insurance are Available for Solar Panels? – Here
  • How Much Electricity Will Solar Panels Produce in a High Sunlight Region? – Here
  • How Much Electricity Will Solar Panels Produce in a Moderate Sunlight Region? – Here
  • How Much Electricity Will Solar Panels Produce in a Low Sunlight Region? – Here
  • What is the Cost of Maintaining Solar Panels for 25 Years? – Here
  • How Much Generation Decrease Can Result from Dust on Solar Panels? – Here

Financing & Funding

  • What are the Financial Incentives Available for Solar Farms Worldwide? – Here
  • What are the Expected Returns from a Grid Connected Solar Project? – Here
  • What Do Financial Investors Look for When Funding Solar Projects? – Here


  • Solar Dictionary from Solar Mango – Here
  • Suncyclopedia, the Solar Encyclopedia – Here
  • Solar FAQs – Over 100 Questions Answered – Here
  • Free Solar White Papers – Here

Key Words & Terms You Need to Know in Solar

Anti-IslandingBalance of System, Build, Own, Operate (BOO), Capacity Utilization Factor (CUF), Crystalline Silicon – C-Si, Direct Normal Irradiance (DNI), EPC, Feed-in-Tariff, Fixed Tilt Array, Gigawatt Hour (GWh), Grid Parity, Grid Tied Solar, Solar Inverter, Islanding, kW-Peak, Kilowatt Hour (kWh), LCOE (Levelized Cost of Energy/Electricity), Micro Inverter, Mounting Structures, MPPT, MWh, Multicrystalline/Polycrystalline, Net Metering, Off-grid, Performance Ratio, Polysilicon, Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), Renewable Energy Certificate (REC), Shading of Solar Panels, Single Axis Trackers, Solar Leasing, Solar Monitoring Systems, Solar Panel Efficiency, String Inverters, Solar Panel Temperature Coefficient, Thin Film Solar Cell, Solar Tracker, Utility, Wafer, Watt Peak, Wheeling Charges


  • Basics of Rooftop Solar PV – Here
  • Why a Solar Panel is Like Your Wife? – Here

Solar News & Updates

  • Solar Mango Global Solar News – Android App – Here
  • Solar Mango India Solar News – Android App – Here
  • Solar Mango Newsletter – Here
  • Solar Mango 360 – Here