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If you are planning to put up a solar plant but are new to this sector, you will need Expert Assistance to ensure that you install the highest quality solar power plant at the optimal costs.
The Solar Mango expert team can help you get there.

Why Expert Assistance is required?

Putting up a MW scale solar power plant can be a challenge for individuals new to the solar sector. Many times, doing it yourself can lead to costly mistakes:

  • Choosing the wrong EPC can result in a poorly performing plant, resulting in crores of losses over a 25 year period.
  • Selecting wrong components may lead to the reduction of overall efficiency of power plant by 3-5% (A loss of over Rs.2 Crores for 25 years)

Who Will Benefit from this Service?

This service will be specifically beneficial to those exploring grid-connected solar power plants of capacities 3 MW and higher:

  • Companies, entrepreneurs or individuals new to the solar power sector but keen on setting up a grid-connected solar power plant.
  • Companies that have already signed a PPA or on the verge of signing a PPA for solar power plant and keen on EPC selection

Solar Mango has already assisted many small and medium scale MW solar projects they and have attained excellent benefits.


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Scope & Components
Comprehensive Financial Modeling
Capital costs
Operating & Maintenance Costs
Interest Costs
Other Variable Costs Over the 25 Year Lifetime
Cash Flows
Project & Equity IRR
Equity Payback
Assistance in exploring best avenues for loans
Approach existing loan resources
Approach PFC, IREDA
Approach International trade financiers for panel purchases
DPR for Bank loan
Professional DPR for bank loan
EPC Selection
Provide intelligence on types of EPCs, pros & cons, ideal parameters

  • Based on interactions with EPCs, we find that even among good EPCs, there is a significant estimate range per MW. Solar Mango will assist you in getting the overall price for the plant, without compromising on any quality parameter.
  • Solar Mango will provide hands-on assistance to you in understanding the various parameters based on which the EPC needs to be selected, and will also provide you with a shortlist of EPCs based on our database.
Interact with EPCs to select most suitable one
Arrive at best possible cost with ideal EPC
Oversight on component selection by EPC
Selection of key components through continuous engagement with EPC
Detailed guidelines on warranties and terms of each component manufacturer
Overseeing power plant development (Owner’s Engineer)
  • This is done by Solar Mango’s external technical experts who will directly deal with the client. Solar Mango can however identify the right expert.
  • The Owner’s Engineer (OE) does an on-site supervision of the solar power plant construction by the EPC by having an engineer located on the premises during the entire solar power plant construction. The OE sends regular reports to the client on progress.
  • The OE role is optional for small solar power plants, especially if we are confident about the quality of the EPC


  • On the ground research by Solar Mango team
  • Extensive interactions with EPCs
  • Interactions with banks and financing community
  • Interactions with component vendors – esp modules, inverters and mounting structures
  • Continuous engagement with and reporting to the client
Being with You All the Way
  • Solar Mango will work with the client from the acceptance of this proposal until the day when the first unit of electricity is exported to the grid.
  • Where needed by the client, the Solar Mango team can also assist the client during the first few months of the solar power plant operations in monitoring the progress of the power plant and analyzing the data.
About Solar Mango

Solar Mango is the #1 Guide for Solar, with a special focus on India.

For India, in addition to providing guidance on a variety of solar energy aspects for the entire spectrum of end users, Solar Mango also provides custom consulting and research for the following:

  • Assisting international firms to enter the Indian solar energy sector – market potential analysis, entry strategy and marketing channel set up
  • Corporation diversification strategy for solar energy opportunities – market potential analysis & entry strategy
  • Assisting solar power developers/independent power producers in their power plant installations – financial feasibility analysis, EPC section, assistance in financial closure, report preparation
  • Feasibility and strategy consulting for companies setting up manufacturing facilities for the solar sector – market status update, technical and economic feasibility, assistance in machinery vendor selection.

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Subject: Solar Power Plant for New Entrant

Case Study

Sirwar Solar Power Project

Background: A client holding a PPA under the Karnataka Land Owning Farmer’s Scheme, required turnkey assistance for solar PV power plant implementation. The client approached Solar Mango for assistance in the entire process of solar power plant development – from financial modeling until the time the power plant starts exporting power to the grid.

Location: Sirwar, Raichur Dist, Karnataka

Capacity: 2.2 MW DC

Scope of Work

  1. EPC Selection
    • Providing intelligence to the client on the types of EPCs available and the pros and cons of each type of EPC
    • Using Solar Mango’s vast network with EPCs, interact with a range of EPCs to select the one that qualifies on all or most parameters
    • Arrive at the best possible cost with the ideal EPC
  1. DPR Preparation and assistance in securing bank loan
  • Prepare a professional DPR to secure banker’s confidence
  • Explore diverse avenues for securing loans by utilizing Solar Mango’s contacts in the banking and finance circles
  • Arrive at the best possible financing deal for the client
  1. Financial Modeling to Provide Precise Estimates on Costs and Returns
  • Detailed cash flow analysis to estimate the project and equity IRRs for the project
  1. Additional Services:
  • Oversight on component selection
  • Hard negotiations with the EPC and solar tracker company to ensure client’s faith in tracker implementation


  • Direct cost savings up to Rs 40 lakhs/MW due to interest rate cuts and Buyer’s credit
  • Assurance of enhanced performance of the power plant by expert hand-holding in component selection


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