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I cofounded Solar Mango, and serve as its Director. After graduating from IIT Madras & IIM Calcutta, and after working in different industries, I have had the privilege to assist companies along the entire spectrum of the solar PV value chain – from polysilicon to power plants to offgrid solar products. My work in India also gives me hope that solar can be a real game changer for the country, both from economic and socio-development perspectives. If you or your company is interested in assistance in solar, do drop in a note to and I will do my best. You can connect with me at LinkedIn here.

Can rooftop solar replace my grid?

Recently, the top honchos of two top solar firms in the US, SunPower and SolarCity, echoed a similar view: Seeking complete independence from the grid through the use of rooftop solar is naïve ( ).

It is not just in the US that industrial and commercial users are keen on using solar, especially rooftop solar, to […]

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Diesel reduction using solar – what is the reality?

At Solar Mango, one of our research activities has been to understand the use of rooftop solar for reducing diesel consumption, especially for industrial and commercial enterprises.

On the face of it, it looks like a no-brainer:

Diesel based power costs Rs. 15-20 per unit, while rooftop solar power costs less than Rs. 5 per unit (Solar […]

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Rooftop Solar in India Could Grow 1,500% Next 5 Years

Rooftop solar has been growing at a significant pace in many countries worldwide

Germany leads, with over a million rooftops sporting solar panels
USA has over 6 GW of rooftop solar as of mid-2014
Japan has an incredible 95% of their total 10 GW of solar in rooftops, so that would be a cool 9 GW

So, should not […]

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Why do some folks say solar power costs Rs 10/unit?

I was a speaker at the recently concluded InterSolar conference at Mumbai.

My topic of presentation was the use of solar for reduction of diesel used in backup power generators.

During my speech, I briefly mentioned that the cost of solar power from rooftop solar is only Rs 3.5-4 per unit.

Boy, did that create a storm!

Once my […]

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Go Solar and Grow Your Business

So you thought going solar was for those companies keen on cutting energy costs.

You are right, and wrong.

Sure, go solar to get security for your energy bills for the foreseeable future – 25 years to be precise.

But there is another important reason to go solar – and that is to differentiate yourself from your competitors, […]

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Rs 3.5 per kWh is the ACTUAL cost of solar power from your rooftop

You know what?

The talk about rooftop solar power being expensive is all bunkum.

And I will show you why.

Let us consider having a rooftop solar power plant. I am considering a grid-tied rooftop solar power plant, a system that does not have a battery included. Why am I not including a battery? Simple – very few, […]

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Can I get complete independence from the grid using my rooftop solar system?

When I talk about solar power to top management in industrial and commercial enterprises, many of them wish to know whether they can use solar power from their rooftops to completely eliminate the use of grid.

 Recently, EAI consulted for a software company in Chennai installing a 80 kW solar power plant on its 1000 sqm […]

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Having Solar on Industrial Rooftops without Upfront Investment – The Solar PPA Model

Most industrial and commercial establishments in India are today aware of the promise of rooftop solar as a potential component in their power mix.

As discussed in other posts, while rooftop solar today cannot take care of all the power requirements of a typical industrial or commercial unit, EAI’s work with prospects in the commercial/institutional (hotels, […]

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