Selfie with Solar – Have Your Selfie with Solar @ Solar Mango

Solar Mango has introduced a cool concept for all those passionate about solar energy.

The “Selfie with Solar” project.

The idea is simple. Take a selfie pic of yourself with anything related to solar energy – solar panels, solar farms, rooftop solar system, offgrid solar products like solar lanterns, solar water heaters, solar cookers….you get the idea.

Send the selfie to with brief details on the following:


Your Name:

Installation Name (if applicable) – Eg: Solar Power Plant at Mysore or Solar Power Plant on ABC College Rooftop

Location (City & country):

Capacity of installation (in kW or MW if it is PV, appropriate units if it is solar thermal)

Any highlights you wish to mention about the installation (eg: unique design, interesting end use…) – optional but highly recommended.

Brands used for panels, inverters and any other components (optional)

Please ensure that you attach a photograph of yourself with solar (that’s the whole point, isn’t it?)

That’s it. Send us the Selfie with the above details to and we will make you (and your solar energy system) famous 🙂

India Renewable Energy Expert