Selfie with Solar – Naveen Belgare of USolar Selfie with 41 kW Rooftop Solar @ Indfrag Bengaluru

Person Name: Naveen Belgare, Co: USolar

Installation Name – Indfrag, Bengaluru

Location – Bengaluru, India

Capacity of installation – 41 kW

Highlights – This rooftop solar has been built as an elevated structure. Interestingly, the company has now decided to make the rooftop into a room and has started covering the sides for this!

Brands used: Sunpower panels, 3 SMA string inverters of 11 kW each, extensible to 13 kW

That’s Me With the SMA string inverters



The elevated mounting, enabling the rooftop to become a room!



A view of the top



Indfrag building from outside



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