Selfie with Solar – Selfie with a Solar Dryer – Vijeyakumar, Karunaraja, Hariprasad – Pollachi

Person Names: Vijeyakumar KN, Karunaraja & Hariprasad, belonging to the Mahalingam Group of Educational Institutes, Pollachi

Installation Name –Negamam Solar Coconut Dryer

Location – Negamam, near Pollachi, India

Capacity of installation – Can dry upto 5000 coconut fruits in a 2 day cycle

Highlights – This is a simple design and construction done by the faculty and research staff at Mahalingam College of Engineering & Technology, Pollachi. It has significant advantages over the conventional method of open sun drying of coconut fruits to get copra. Has been working well for over 7 years in several installations around Pollachi

Hariprasad, Karunaraja and Vijeyakumar outside the solar dryer



Karunaraja, Hariprasad and Vijeyakumar inside the solar dryer




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