Rooftop Solar on Bus Depots – Stagecoach Embraces Solar

UK bus operator Stagecoach has revealed plans to install solar across its portfolio of bus depots in the UK in order to reduce its carbon emissions.

A 250 kW installation has been installed at Stagecoach’s depot in Chesterfield and work is currently ongoing to fit a similar rooftop system on the roof of its Daw Bank depot in Stockport.

Stagecoach expects the vast majority of the electricity generated to be used on site, however any excess will be exported to the national grid. As much as £1.1 million is expected to be saved from Stagecoach’s energy bills over the installs’ 20-year lifespan.

The installations also fall under Stagecoach’s environmental targets, which form part of a five-year strategy produced alongside the Carbon Trust. Since 2007/08 Stagecoach has reduced its carbon intensity by 30%, and more specific targets relating to carbon emissions from its buildings have been put into place for 2019.

Source: Solar Power Portal

5 thoughts on “Rooftop Solar on Bus Depots – Stagecoach Embraces Solar

  1. Santhanam

    I think most of the energy requirements for bus depots can be had from rooftop solar as these will be mostly lighting requirements and perhaps some energy required for water pumping for cleaning the buses etc?

  2. Smith

    Will these bus stands and depots need solar power during daytime or during night time? If most of their power are during daylight hours even batteries can be eliminated

  3. Silchari Singh

    India is already implementing solar panels on many railway stations and soon will also have solar panels on top of the trains too.

  4. Tamira Shah

    Can we have solar panels on buses also? These things are on the road most of the time why cant they have panels that can generate free electricity during day time?? This power can take care of lighting power needs within the bus

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