Read this before ordering cable for solar projects

Read an interesting, detailed article on the various parameters to be used while purchasing cables for solar power plants.

How often does one think of cables and wires while considering a solar power plant. If one is new to these, one doesn’t. Most often, the highlight is on panels, inverters and some times, mounting structures.

Cables? Very rarely.

But as any experienced EPC will tell you, the strength of any network or system is only as strong as its weakest link. And if the cables and wires don’t work well, all the rest of work you did in generating a fantastic amount of electricity from the solar panels go for a toss.

Which was why again I found the article on cables interesting.

Some highlights:

  • The variety of solar cables available, the specific uses for each and the supply chain are reasons why solar cabling should never be an afterthought.
  • It’s important to understand the latest changes in codes and to be aware of the features of quality cable that will last in the severe environment that solar panels are exposed to.
  • Experienced contractors will order cable for a project months ahead of construction. This comes in handy especially for larger projects.
  • Given the sometimes extreme installation environment for solar power systems, coupled with the need to save time and ensure reliability, pre-connectorized cable solutions are a consideration
  • Ordering extra cable should be minimized. A good working relationship between the project engineer and cable provider can prevent buying more cable than necessary, although every project should include extra cable to cover normal usage and scrap considerations on a project.


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