I was quite excited to read about a rather unique combination of renewable energy technologies

“Array Technologies(ATI) has announced the commissioning and completion of the tracking system for the 71 MW Red Horse 2 combined wind and solar project, which is expected to provide power for 13,500 Arizona homes.

The plant generates energy from Vestas V110 wind turbines and 75 MW-dc of Jinko solar modules, whose power output is optimized by Array Technologies’ DuraTrack® HZ single-axis trackers. The Red Horse 2 project is one of the first combined wind and solar sites in the country.”


A solar farm co-located with a wind farm. That is something I look forward to seeing, especially after having done a detailed study on the same at Solar Mango a few months back.

For those who are keen on knowing more, colocating solar farms within a wind farm appears like a rather obvious idea – after all, there is so much land available within many wind farms in which really nothing is done!

But surprisingly, during our study we found that there were HARDLY ANY colocated solar and wind farms in the world. Some of the very few we were indeed able to identify, we were not really sure if they were actually in operation!

And even more surprisingly, on undertaking a feasibility study for the same on behalf of the Govt of Tamil Nadu, we found that such a colocated concept was both technically and economically very much feasible – there were hardly any major technical bottleneck, and economics seemed to be more favorable than an individual solar or wind farm.


Which is why I am quite excited to know about this solar/wind colocated farm. And almost 75 MW to boot! What’s more, it comes with a solar tracking system too.

Lots of technologies to interest a renewable energy enthusiast, what do you say?