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Could Rooftop Solar in Cloudy Cities Contribute More than in Sunny Cities?!

Here’s an interesting take on solar power generation.

In general, one would have thought that the contribution of solar power to the overall power mix will be higher in regions with significant sunshine.

But here’s a study that claims just the opposite – that the contribution of solar power could be higher for some cloudy regions.


A bit of reflection however will reveal […]

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71 MW Wind-Solar Hybrid Power Plant in Arizona with Solar Tracking! Wow, that’s Cool!

I was quite excited to read about a rather unique combination of renewable energy technologies

“Array Technologies(ATI) has announced the commissioning and completion of the tracking system for the 71 MW Red Horse 2 combined wind and solar project, which is expected to provide power for 13,500 Arizona homes.

The plant generates energy from Vestas V110 wind […]

And Now, Solar Powered Aliens

Perhaps it is a sign of popularity of solar power that solar panels are discussed now not just by investors, scientists and heads of governments, but also by conspiracy theorists or being a bit more generous, speculative scientists!

Yeah, just read this (and this and this) and you will know what I mean:

“Aliens could be alive and […]

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