Here’s an interesting take on solar power generation.

In general, one would have thought that the contribution of solar power to the overall power mix will be higher in regions with significant sunshine.

But here’s a study that claims just the opposite – that the contribution of solar power could be higher for some cloudy regions.


A bit of reflection however will reveal why this could be true for some select regions.

A large consumer of electricity is air-conditioning. You will need a lot more of air conditioning in hot and sunny regions, while a lot less in cloudy regions.

And another aspect could also contribute: larger rooftops. Some of the cloudy cities around the world could be less congested, and hence have more rooftop area per capita than say, a densely populated city such as New York.

So yes, some cloudy cities worldwide with significant rooftop availability could have a larger % of their electricity contributed from solar than some cities that are much more sunny.