Futurist Ray Kurzweil Says Solar Will Dominate Energy Within 12 Years

Ray Kurzweil apparently gets an astonishing 86% of his predictions right, puts him pretty close to God, in my opinion.

Now, he predicts that solar will dominate the energy sector within 12 years. Now, that’s a lot more optimistic than most other folks out there, include we at Solar Mango, who had been rather prosaic in our predictions that it could take another 25 years for solar to become the dominant source of energy, from its measly 1% contribution right now. Most of us (including us) think rather linearly, while folks like Kurzweil apparently think in a different way: ” But linear analysis ignores what Kurzweil calls the Law of Accelerating Returns—that as new technologies get smaller and cheaper, their growth becomes exponential.”

Well, when Kurzweil says something, the world notices, doubtless because of the 86% factor.

So, will he be right this time round too? You have to just wait it out for 12 short years to find out.

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