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Solar Power Electronic Solutions by Amberroot Systems

Solar Power Electronic Solutions by Amberroot Systems
An Interview @REI 2016
India has set an ambitious target of 40 GW of solar coming from rooftop solar installations by 2022. This is going to be a herculean task to achieve unlike the utility scale target of 60 GW. This is because the problem with rooftop solar is that […]

Futurist Ray Kurzweil Says Solar Will Dominate Energy Within 12 Years

Ray Kurzweil apparently gets an astonishing 86% of his predictions right, puts him pretty close to God, in my opinion.

Now, he predicts that solar will dominate the energy sector within 12 years. Now, that’s a lot more optimistic than most other folks out there, include we at Solar Mango, who had been rather prosaic in our predictions that it could take […]

High Efficiency Solar Panels Could Mean Solar Can Live Without Subsidies Soon

A spate of announcements recently saw mainstream solar module efficiencies reach 20+%, well in fact, 22% and above.

First, it was SolarCity that said it will roll out 22% efficiency; within a couple of days, Panasonic shot back saying its modules off its module line had 22.5% efficiency, all the time SunPower looking at them saying its module […]

IGBT – The Core of the Solar Inverter

Summary: IGBT is an an electronic switch. In solar inverters, this switch performs the key functions to convert direct current from the solar cells to an alternating current.

When you talk about inverters to many technical folks in the solar energy sector, they will almost inevitably say something about IGBT. What is an IGBT and what is its […]

By |November 1st, 2014|Solar Efficiency, suncyclopedia|Comments Off on IGBT – The Core of the Solar Inverter

Solar Inverter – The Brain of a Solar Power Plant

Summary: A solar inverter is the brain for a solar power plant.

While the solar panels are the most visible part of a solar power plant, the component that actually “administers” the entire power plant is the solar inverter. What are the different types of solar inverters, and how do they work?

An inverter’s core function is to convert direct current […]

By |October 26th, 2014|Solar Efficiency, suncyclopedia|Comments Off on Solar Inverter – The Brain of a Solar Power Plant

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